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Double-edged sword of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH): A novel role of GnRH in the multiple beneficial functions of endometrial stem cells

supported by a fund (HD18A0016) by Research of Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Author information Author notes These authors contribute equally: Se-Ra Park, Ara Cho AffiliationsDepartment ... of Health Sciences and Technology, GAIHST, Gachon University, Incheon, 21999, Republic of KoreaSe-Ra Park, Ara Cho & In-Sun HongDepartment of Molecular Medicine, School of Medicine, Gachon University

Draft genome sequence of wild Prunus yedoensis reveals massive inter-specific hybridization between sympatric flowering cherries

Hybridization is an important evolutionary process that results in increased plant diversity. Flowering Prunus includes popular cherry species that are appreciated worldwide for their flowers. The ornamental characteristics were acquired both naturally and through artificially hybridizing species with heterozygous genomes. Therefore, the genome of hybrid flowering Prunus presents...

MUFFINN: cancer gene discovery via network analysis of somatic mutation data

A major challenge for distinguishing cancer-causing driver mutations from inconsequential passenger mutations is the long-tail of infrequently mutated genes in cancer genomes. Here, we present and evaluate a method for prioritizing cancer genes accounting not only for mutations in individual genes but also in their neighbors in functional networks, MUFFINN (MUtations For...

FlyNet: a versatile network prioritization server for the Drosophila community

Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) has been a popular model organism in animal genetics due to the high accessibility of reverse-genetics tools. In addition, the close relationship between the Drosophila and human genomes rationalizes the use of Drosophila as an invertebrate model for human neurobiology and disease research. A platform technology for predicting candidate genes...

WormNet v3: a network-assisted hypothesis-generating server for Caenorhabditis elegans

High-throughput experimental technologies gradually shift the paradigm of biological research from hypothesis-validation toward hypothesis-generation science. Translating diverse types of large-scale experimental data into testable hypotheses, however, remains a daunting task. We previously demonstrated that heterogeneous genomics data can be integrated into a single genome-scale...

TRRUST: a reference database of human transcriptional regulatory interactions

Han, Hongseok Shim, Donghyun Shin, Jung Eun Shim, Yunhee Ko, Junha Shin, Hanhae Kim, Ara Cho, Eiru Kim, Tak Lee, Hyojin Kim, Kyungsoo Kim, Sunmo Yang, Dasom Bae, Ayoung Yun, Sunphil Kim, Chan Yeong Kim ... Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Junha Shin in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Hanhae Kim in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Ara