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Dynamin-2 mutations linked to Centronuclear Myopathy impair actin-dependent trafficking in muscle cells

Farmacología Molecular y Clinica, ICBM, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, ChileArlek M. González-Jamett & Pablo Caviedes AuthorsSearch for Arlek M. González-Jamett in:Nature Research journals ... . declares IP protection on the RCMH cell line. All other authors have no competing financial interests to declare. Corresponding authors Correspondence to Arlek M. González-Jamett or Pablo Caviedes

Src Kinases Regulate De Novo Actin Polymerization during Exocytosis in Neuroendocrine Chromaffin Cells

The cortical actin network is dynamically rearranged during secretory processes. Nevertheless, it is unclear how de novo actin polymerization and the disruption of the preexisting actin network control transmitter release. Here we show that in bovine adrenal chromaffin cells, both formation of new actin filaments and disruption of the preexisting cortical actin network are...

Dynamin-2 Regulates Fusion Pore Expansion and Quantal Release through a Mechanism that Involves Actin Dynamics in Neuroendocrine Chromaffin Cells

Over the past years, dynamin has been implicated in tuning the amount and nature of transmitter released during exocytosis. However, the mechanism involved remains poorly understood. Here, using bovine adrenal chromaffin cells, we investigated whether this mechanism rely on dynamin’s ability to remodel actin cytoskeleton. According to this idea, inhibition of dynamin GTPase...