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Maternal caregivers have confluence of altered cortisol, high reward-driven eating, and worse metabolic health

Diabetes Federation (IDF). (DOCX) Acknowledgments We gratefully acknowledge the busy mothers for donating their time to this study. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Ashley E. Mason, Mark L ... . Laudenslager, Elissa S. Epel. Data curation: Mark L. Laudenslager. Funding acquisition: Elissa S. Epel. Methodology: Mark L. Laudenslager, Elissa S. Epel. Supervision: Ashley E. Mason, Elissa S. Epel

The Reward-Based Eating Drive Scale: A Self-Report Index of Reward-Based Eating

Why are some individuals more vulnerable to persistent weight gain and obesity than are others? Some obese individuals report factors that drive overeating, including lack of control, lack of satiation, and preoccupation with food, which may stem from reward-related neural circuitry. These are normative and common symptoms and not the sole focus of any existing measures. Many...