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Epidemiology of Plasmodium vivax in Indonesia

. Authors’ addresses: Claudia Surjadjaja, ALERTAsia Foundation, Jakarta, Indonesia, E-mail: . Asik Surya, SubDirectorate for Malaria Control, Ministry of Health, Jakarta, Indonesia, E-mail: . J. Kevin Baird

Targeting populations at higher risk for malaria: a survey of national malaria elimination programmes in the Asia Pacific

Background Significant progress has been made in reducing the malaria burden in the Asia Pacific region, which is aggressively pursuing a 2030 regional elimination goal. Moving from malaria control to elimination requires National Malaria Control Programmes (NMCPs) to target interventions at populations at higher risk, who are often not reached by health services, highly mobile...

Behaviour and molecular identification of Anopheles malaria vectors in Jayapura district, Papua province, Indonesia

Background Members of the Anopheles punctulatus group dominate Papua, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (PNG), with a geographic range that extends south through Vanuatu. An. farauti and An. punctulatus are the presumed major vectors in this region. Although this group of species has been extensively studied in PNG and the southern archipelagoes within their range, their...

Sustainable scaling up of good quality health worker education for tuberculosis control in Indonesia: a case study

Surya 2 Jan Voskens 4 Firdosi Metha 3 0 Division of Tuberculosis Elimination, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , Atlanta, GA , USA 1 Tuberculosis Strategy and Operations, Stop TB Department

Active case detection for malaria elimination: a survey among Asia Pacific countries

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