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Efficacy and Safety of Daikenchuto for Constipation and Dose-Dependent Differences in Clinical Effects

Background. Daikenchuto (DKT) is a Kampo medicine used for the treatment of constipation. In this study, we evaluated the effectiveness of DKT against constipation. Patients and Methods. Thirty-three patients administered DKT for constipation were selected and divided into low-dose (7.5 g DKT; ) and high-dose (15 g DKT; ) groups. We retrospectively evaluated weekly defaecation...

Abnormality of risk factors for atherosclerotic disease among young Japanese aged 19–39 years old: an evaluation of health checkup data

Objectives Japanese public health policies on the prevention of atherosclerotic diseases have focused on controlling obesity. The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of abnormality in risk factors for atherosclerotic disease among young Japanese classified according to body mass index (BMI). Methods Data were obtained from 359 men (mean age 32 ± 5 years) and 1,108...

Maternal and paternal family history of type 2 diabetes differently influence lipid parameters in young nondiabetic Japanese women

ObjectivesWe assessed the association of family history of type 2 diabetes (T2D) with parameters used for health checkups in young Japanese women.MethodsThe subjects were 497 nondiabetic women aged 19–39 years. Among them, the mothers of 34 subjects and fathers of 50 had T2D (MD group and PD group, respectively). The subjects were assessed for levels of total cholesterol (TC...