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Introduction to special issue: ACM SIGMETRICS 2016

Queueing Syst Thomas Bonald 0 Ayalvadi Ganesh 0 B Ayalvadi Ganesh 0 Telecom Paris-Tech, Paris, France 0 University of Bristol , Bristol , UK The four papers in this special issue are based on a


Queueing Syst Ayalvadi Ganesh Florian Simatos 0 0 ISAE-SUPAERO , Toulouse , France - The six papers in this special issue are based on a selection of top theoretical papers from the ACM

Spontaneous Emergence of Multiple Drug Resistance in Tuberculosis before and during Therapy

The emergence of drug resistance in M. tuberculosis undermines the efficacy of tuberculosis (TB) treatment in individuals and of TB control programs in populations. Multiple drug resistance is often attributed to sequential functional monotherapy, and standard initial treatment regimens have therefore been designed to include simultaneous use of four different antibiotics...