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Everyday and Exotic Foodborne Parasites

MB Lee. Everyday and exotic foodborne parasites. Can J Infect Dis Everyday and exotic foodborne parasites Marilyn B Lee ScM CPHIC 0 0 Presented at the BIOP '99 Symposium, Ryerson Polytechnic

An ecological study of the floodplain forest along the White River system in Indiana

'\: "§ E ; '" N AN ECOLOGICAL STUDY OF THE FLOODPLAIN FOREST ALONG THE WHITE RIVER SYSTEM OF INDIANA'" B), MORDIE B. LEE Broad Ripple High School 11p~on Tl11 Pla~~ IlUnals Drlfi_ Plaln UDgl.cla~.4 APe

Everyday and Exotic Foodborne Parasites

MB Lee. Everyday and exotic foodborne parasites. Can J Infect Dis Everyday and exotic foodborne parasites Marilyn B Lee ScM CPHIC 0 0 Presented at the BIOP '99 Symposium, Ryerson Polytechnic

Reply to “Pseudoprogression”: more than semantics

. WongMartin BLee Letter to the Editors First Online: 30 July 2018 230 Downloads This comment refers to the article available online at and  https ... Martin B. Lee Notes Compliance with ethical standards Conflict of interest Both authors declare no conflicts of interest. References 1. Wong AS, Thian YL, Kapur J, Leong CN, Kee P, Lee CT, Lee MB

Comparing Wearer DNA Sample Collection Methods for the Recovery of Single Source Profiles

University Steven B. Lee San Jose State University San Jose State University Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Criminology and Criminal Justice Commons, and

Self-assessment differences between genders in a low-stakes objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)

ObjectivePhysicians and medical students are generally poor-self assessors. Research suggests that this inaccuracy in self-assessment differs by gender among medical students whereby females underestimate their performance compared to their male counterparts. However, whether this gender difference in self-assessment is observable in low-stakes scenarios remains unclear. Our...

Al6061 surface roughness and optical reflectance when machined by single point diamond turning at a low feed rate

. Project administration: C. Y. Chan. Supervision: L. H. Li, W. B. Lee. Writing ± original draft: N. H. Yu. Writing ± review & editing: L. H. Li. 8 / 9 12. 1. Ahmed S.A. , Ko J.H. and Yeo S.H. Fabrication of

Changes in North Atlantic Oscillation drove Population Migrations and the Collapse of the Western Roman Empire

AffiliationsDepartment of Anthropology, University of New Mexico, MSC01-1040, Anthropology 1, Albuquerque, NM, 87131, USAB. Lee Drake AuthorsSearch for B. Lee Drake in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar ... Contributions B.L.D. conducted all analysis and wrote the manuscript. Competing Interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Corresponding author Correspondence to B. Lee Drake

Applying a Global Perspective to School-Based Health Centers in New York City

BackgroundSince the 1960s, school-based health centers (SBHC) in the United States have emerged and grown with the mission of providing primary medical, reproductive, and mental health services, as well as comprehensive health education, to all students who are enrolled in the participating school. SBHCs have demonstrated a unique ability to reduce barriers to medical care for...

Simultaneous Multiparameter Cellular Energy Metabolism Profiling of Small Populations of Cells

, The Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University, 1001 S. McAllister Ave., Tempe, AZ, 85287, USALaimonas Kelbauskas, Shashaanka P. Ashili, Kristen B. Lee, Haixin Zhu, Yanqing Tian & Deirdre R. Meldrum ... AuthorsSearch for Laimonas Kelbauskas in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Shashaanka P. Ashili in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Kristen B. Lee

Pushing the limits of immune-related response: a case of “extreme pseudoprogression”

The advent of immune checkpoint targeted immunotherapy has seen a spectrum of immune-related phenomena in both tumor responses and toxicities. We describe a case of pseudoprogression that pushes the limits of immune-related response criteria and challenges the boundaries and definitions set by trial protocols. A middle-aged man with conventional clear cell renal cell carcinoma...

Mesenteric Panniculitis Presenting as Fever of Unknown Etiology in a Patient with History of Abdominal Surgery

Mesenteric panniculitis is characterized by nonspecific fibrous inflammation of the small bowel mesentery, appendix, and mesoappendix. Clinical course is usually benign and outcome is favorable. We report a case of mesenteric panniculitis presenting as fever of unknown etiology in a patient with history of abdominal surgery.

Classification of indoor-outdoor location using combined global positioning system (GPS) and temperature data for personal exposure assessment

Objectives The objectives of this study was to determine the accuracy of indoor-outdoor classification based on GPS and temperature data in three different seasons. Methods In the present study, a global positioning system (GPS) was used alongside temperature data collected in the field by a technician who visited 53 different indoor locations during summer, autumn and winter...

Assessing robustness of hazard ratio estimates to outcome misclassification in longitudinal panel studies with application to Alzheimer’s disease

. Crane. Formal analysis: Le Wang, Rebecca A. Hubbard. Funding acquisition: Eric B. Larson, Paul K. Crane. Methodology: Le Wang, Rebecca A. Hubbard. Supervision: Rebecca A. Hubbard, Edward B. Lee ... . Writing ± original draft: Le Wang, Rebecca A. Hubbard. Writing ± review & editing: Le Wang, Rebecca A. Hubbard, Rod L. Walker, Edward B. Lee, Eric B. Larson, Paul K. Crane. 12 / 14 13 / 14 1. Magder LS

The endocannabinoid gene faah2a modulates stress-associated behavior in zebrafish

. Lee, Karl J. Clark. Formal analysis: Randall G. Krug, II, Han B. Lee, Louis Y. El Khoury, Karl J. Clark. Funding acquisition: Karl J. Clark. Investigation: Randall G. Krug, II, Han B. Lee, Ashley N ... . Sigafoos, Morgan O. Petersen. Methodology: Randall G. Krug, II, Han B. Lee, Karl J. Clark. Project administration: Randall G. Krug, II, Karl J. Clark. Resources: Karl J. Clark. Software: Han B. Lee

A versatile method for dynamically controlled patterning of small populations of epithelial cells on substrates via non-contact piezoelectric inkjet printing

Intercellular interactions play a central role at the tissue and whole organism level modulating key cellular functions in normal and disease states. Studies of cell-cell communications are challenging due to ensemble averaging effects brought about by intrinsic heterogeneity in cellular function which requires such studies to be conducted with small populations of cells. Most of...

Radiofrequency Ablation of Uterine Fibroids: a Review

93003 , USA 2 Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center , 1250 16th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404 , USA 3 Bruce B. Lee 4 , Los Angeles, CA , USA 5 Division of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Department of OBGYN ... maximizing patient outcomes. Compliance with Ethical Standards Conflict of Interest Bruce B. Lee is a shareholder in and consultant to Halt Medical, Inc., but did not receive financial support or assistance of

Stress threshold identification of progressive fracturing in Bukit Timah granite under uniaxial and triaxial stress conditions

1 0 B. Lee Golder Associates Pty Ltd , Melbourne , Australia 1 T. D. Rathnaweera (&) Deep Earth Energy Laboratory, Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University , Building 60, Melbourne, VIC 3800