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Short-term career perspectives of young cardiologists in the Netherlands

males. Conflict of interest J. C. Vis, C. J. Borleffs, B. Zwart, R. S. Nuis and R. W. C. Scherptong declare that they have no competing interests. Open Access This article is distributed under the terms

Optimal duration of dual antiplatelet therapy after percutaneous coronary intervention or after acute coronary syndrome

coronary syndrome; Percutaneous coronary intervention; Dual antiplatelet therapy - J.M. ten Berg and B. Zwart contributed equally to the manuscript. Introduction Dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) with ... Netherlands (CVON), the Interuniversity Cardiology Institute of the Netherlands and the European Community Framework KP7 Programme. B. Zwart, A. Liem, J. Waltenberger and R.J. de Winter declare that they have

Convergence of the all-time supremum of a Lévy process in the heavy-traffic regime

Netherlands 1 K.M. Kosinski Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics, University of Amsterdam , P.O. Box 94248, 1090 GE Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2 B. Zwart CWI, P.O. Box 94079, 1090 GB Amsterdam, The

Advanced Engineering of Lipid Metabolism in Nicotiana benthamiana Using a Draft Genome and the V2 Viral Silencing-Suppressor Protein

The transient leaf assay in Nicotiana benthamiana is widely used in plant sciences, with one application being the rapid assembly of complex multigene pathways that produce new fatty acid profiles. This rapid and facile assay would be further improved if it were possible to simultaneously overexpress transgenes while accurately silencing endogenes. Here, we report a draft genome...

Corrected asymptotics for a multi-server queue in the Halfin-Whitt regime

To investigate the quality of heavy-traffic approximations for queues with many servers, we consider the steady-state number of waiting customers in an M/D/s queue as s→∞. In the Halfin-Whitt regime, it is well known that this random variable converges to the supremum of a Gaussian random walk. This paper develops methods that yield more accurate results in terms of series...

The value of clinical examination in diagnosing pelvic fractures in blunt trauma patients: a brief review

Hulsteijn A. Mubarak J. Slingerland B. Zwart G. J. M. G. van der Heijden Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, University Medical Center Utrecht , Utrecht, The Netherlands 1 T. A. W. den Boer M ... . Geurts L. T. van Hulsteijn A. Mubarak J. Slingerland B. Zwart T. J. Blokhuis (&) Department of Surgery, University Medical Center Utrecht (G04.228) , P.O. Box 85500, 3508 GA Utrecht, The Netherlands