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Graph Pattern Polynomials

Given a host graph G and a pattern graph H, the induced subgraph isomorphism problem is to decide whether G contains an induced subgraph that is isomorphic to H. We study the time complexity of induced subgraph isomorphism problems when the pattern graph is fixed. Nesetril and Poljak gave an O(n^{k omega}) time algorithm that decides the induced subgraph isomorphism problem for...

Pebbling, Entropy and Branching Program Size Lower Bounds

We contribute to the program of proving lower bounds on the size of branching programs solving the Tree Evaluation Problem introduced in (Stephen A. Cook, Pierre McKenzie, Dustin Wehr, Mark Braverman, and Rahul Santhanam, 2012). Proving an exponential lower bound for the size of the non-deterministic thrifty branching programs would separate NL from P under the thrifty hypothesis...