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Regulatory modules controlling early shade avoidance response in maize seedlings

Background Optimization of shade avoidance response (SAR) is crucial for enhancing crop yield in high-density planting conditions in modern agriculture, but a comprehensive study of the regulatory network of SAR is still lacking in monocot crops. Results In this study, the genome-wide early responses in maize seedlings to the simulated shade (low red/far-red ratio) and also to...

Transcriptome sequencing reveals the roles of transcription factors in modulating genotype by nitrogen interaction in maize

Key message Global transcriptome analysis in maize revealed differential nitrogen response between genotypes and implicate a crucial role of transcription factors in driving genotype by nitrogen interactions at gene expression level. Abstract Developing nitrogen-efficient cultivars are essential for sustainable and productive agriculture. Nitrogen use efficiency of plants is...

An ultra-high density bin-map for rapid QTL mapping for tassel and ear architecture in a large F2 maize population

Zongliang Chen 0 Baobao Wang 0 Xiaomei Dong Han Liu Longhui Ren Jian Chen Andrew Hauck Weibin Song Jinsheng Lai 0 Equal contributors State Key Laboratory of Agro-biotechnology and National Maize

Identification and fine-mapping of a QTL, qMrdd1, that confers recessive resistance to maize rough dwarf disease

Background Maize rough dwarf disease (MRDD) is a devastating viral disease that results in considerable yield losses worldwide. Three major strains of virus cause MRDD, including maize rough dwarf virus in Europe, Mal de Río Cuarto virus in South America, and rice black-streaked dwarf virus in East Asia. These viral pathogens belong to the genus fijivirus in the family Reoviridae...

Corrigendum: Genome-wide genetic changes during modern breeding of maize

Yinping Jiao, Hainan Zhao, Longhui Ren, Weibin Song, Biao Zeng, Jinjie Guo, Baobao Wang, Zhipeng Liu, Jing Chen, Wei Li, Mei Zhang, Shaojun Xie & Jingsheng Lai Nat. Genet. Corrigendum: Genome-wide

Combined linkage and association mapping reveals candidates for Scmv1, a major locus involved in resistance to sugarcane mosaic virus (SCMV) in maize

Background Sugarcane mosaic virus (SCMV) disease causes substantial losses of grain yield and forage biomass in susceptible maize cultivars. Maize resistance to SCMV is associated with two dominant genes, Scmv1 and Scmv2, which are located on the short arm of chromosome 6 and near the centromere region of chromosome 3, respectively. We combined both linkage and association...