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l-carnitine supplementation during vitrification of mouse germinal vesicle stage–oocytes and their subsequent in vitro maturation improves meiotic spindle configuration and mitochondrial distribution in metaphase II oocytes

STUDY QUESTION How does l-carnitine (LC) supplementation during vitrification and in vitro maturation (IVM) of germinal vesicle stage (GV)–oocytes improve the developmental competence of the resultant metaphase II (MII) oocytes?

The Presence of the Y-Chromosome, Not the Absence of the Second X-Chromosome, Alters the mRNA Levels Stored in the Fully Grown XY Mouse Oocyte

The oocytes of B6.YTIR sex-reversed female mouse mature in culture but fail to develop after fertilization because of their cytoplasmic defects. To identify the defective components, we compared the gene expression profiles between the fully-grown oocytes of B6.YTIR (XY) females and those of their XX littermates by cDNA microarray. 173 genes were found to be higher and 485 genes...

Glycine increases preimplantation development of mouse oocytes following vitrification at the germinal vesicle stage

Ice-free cryopreservation, referred to as vitrification, is receiving increased attention in the human and animal assisted reproduction. However, it introduces the detrimental osmotic stress by adding and removing high contents of cryoprotectants. In this study, we evaluated the effects of normalizing cell volume regulation by adding glycine, an organic osmolyte, during...