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Severity-Stratified Discrete Choice Experiment Designs for Health State Evaluations

, managed the data collection, and helped review and edit the manuscript. Mark Oppe, Bas Donkers, and Elly Stolk supported the development of the study design, analysis of the data, and interpretation of ... , and Elly Stolk are members of the EuroQol Group. Elly Stolk and Mark Oppe are employees of the EuroQol Research Foundation.  Sesil Lim and Bas Donkers have no conflict of interest to declare. Open

The Assessment of Burden of COPD (ABC) tool: a shared decision-making instrument that is predictive of healthcare costs

Background: The Assessment of Burden of COPD (ABC) tool is an instrument that supports shared decision making between patients and physicians. It includes a coloured balloon diagram to visualize a patient’s scores on a questionnaire about the experienced burden of COPD and several objective severity indicators. An algorithm translates these scores into a treatment advice to be...

Individuals’ Decisions in the Presence of Multiple Goals

stimulate further empirical research on the theoretically promising as well as practically relevant topic of individuals’ choices in the presence of multiple goals. Acknowledgments Benedict Dellaert and Bas ... Donkers thank Netspar for financial support for part of their research. The participation of Joffre Swait in this workshop was supported by the Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP140103966

Sample Size Requirements for Discrete-Choice Experiments in Healthcare: a Practical Guide

Discrete-choice experiments (DCEs) have become a commonly used instrument in health economics and patient-preference analysis, addressing a wide range of policy questions. An important question when setting up a DCE is the size of the sample needed to answer the research question of interest. Although theory exists as to the calculation of sample size requirements for stated...

Comparison of Bayesian Random-Effects and Traditional Life Expectancy Estimations in Small-Area Applications

, the Netherlands (Bas Donkers). This research was funded by a grant from the Department of Public Health, Erasmus MC (Rotterdam, the Netherlands). No external funding was received. The authors thank

Modeling CLV: A test of competing models in the insurance industry

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is one of the key metrics in marketing and is considered an important segmentation base. This paper studies the capabilities of a range of models to predict CLV in the insurance industry. The simplest models can be constructed at the customer relationship level, i.e. aggregated across all services. The more complex models focus on the individual...

A labelled discrete choice experiment adds realism to the choices presented: preferences for surveillance tests for Barrett esophagus

Michelle E Kruijshaar 2 5 Marie-Louise Essink-Bot 2 4 Bas Donkers 1 Caspar WN Looman 2 Peter D