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Teaching trainers to incorporate evidence-based medicine (EBM) teaching in clinical practice: the EU-EBM project

Background Evidence based medicine (EBM) is considered an integral part of medical training, but integration of teaching various EBM steps in everyday clinical practice is uncommon. Currently EBM is predominantly taught through theoretical courses, workshops and e-learning. However, clinical teachers lack confidence in teaching EBM in workplace and are often unsure of the...

How are "teaching the teachers" courses in evidence based medicine evaluated? A systematic review

Gemma Barnfield Susanne Weinbrenner Berit Meyerrose Theodoros N Arvanitis Andrea R Horvath Gianni Zanrei Regina Kunz Katja Suter Bernard Burnand Chantal Arditi Katrien Oude Rengerink Gee Harry Ben WJ Mol

A clinically integrated curriculum in Evidence-based Medicine for just-in-time learning through on-the-job training: The EU-EBM project

Kaczor 8 Gianni Zanrei 2 Karin Pierer 10 Katarzyna Stawiarz 8 Regina Kunz 10 Ben WJ Mol 3 Khalid S Khan 5 7 0 CASPe (CASP Espana) , Joaquin Orozco 6, 1-F, 03006 Alicante , Spain 1 Academic Medical

Harmonising Evidence-based medicine teaching: a study of the outcomes of e-learning in five European countries

Background We developed and evaluated the outcomes of an e-learning course for evidence based medicine (EBM) training in postgraduate medical education in different languages and settings across five European countries. Methods We measured changes in knowledge and attitudes with well-developed assessment tools before and after administration of the course. The course consisted of...

The effectiveness of a clinically integrated e-learning course in evidence-based medicine: A cluster randomised controlled trial

Background To evaluate the educational effects of a clinically integrated e-learning course for teaching basic evidence-based medicine (EBM) among postgraduates compared to a traditional lecture-based course of equivalent content. Methods We conducted a cluster randomised controlled trial in the Netherlands and the UK involving postgraduate trainees in six obstetrics and...

A randomised clinical trial on cardiotocography plus fetal blood sampling versus cardiotocography plus ST-analysis of the fetal electrocardiogram (STAN®) for intrapartum monitoring

monitoring Westerhuis 3 Karel GM Moons 1 Erik van Beek 0 Saskia M Bijvoet 7 Addy P Drogtrop 6 Herman P van Geijn 7 Jan MM van Lith 5 Ben WJ Mol 4 9 Jan G Nijhuis 8 S Guid Oei 9 Martina M Porath 9