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Jet determination of smooth CR automorphisms and generalized stationary discs

Della Sala was supported by an URB grant from the American University of Beirut and by the Center for Advanced Mathematical Sciences. Research of the Bernhard Lamel was supported by the Austrian Science

The Borel map in locally integrable structures

Sciences (CAMS) and also by CNPq (Brazil). Paulo D. Cordaro was partially supported by Grants from CNPq and FAPESP (Brazil). Bernhard Lamel was supported by the Austrian Science Fund FWF, Project I1776

Convergence of formal CR mappings into strongly pseudoconvex Cauchy–Riemann manifolds

It is shown that any formal holomorphic mapping sending a real-analytic generic submanifold \(M\subset \mathbb {C}^N\) of finite type into a real-analytic strongly pseudoconvex CR submanifold \(M'\subset \mathbb {C}^{N'}\) is necessarily convergent. As a consequence, we obtain a positive answer to the long-standing open question of whether formal holomorphic maps sending real...