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Old School or Cutting Edge? An Examination of Ellen G. White's Views on Education from a Best Practice Twenty-First Century Perspective

Avondale College Beverly J. Christian Avondale College Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Other Education Commons Recommended Citation - Article 7 ... , Cooranbong, NSW Beverly J. Christian Head of the Discipline of Education and senior lecturer in the Discipline of Education, Avondale College of Higher Education, Cooranbong, NSW Abstract Ellen G. White

Classroom Commands and the Novelty Factor: What Happens When a Teacher Gives Commands in a Foreign Language?

Giving effective classroom commands is basic to fostering a positive learning environment. This investigation explored the impact of adding a novelty factor to classroom commands by delivering commands in a foreign language. Foreign language commands (FLCs) are classroom directions given in a language other than the one generally used for learning and teaching. The purpose of...

Brain Breaks: Help or Hindrance?

Current trends in educational neuroscience indicate that the brain needs frequent downtime for optimal learning. One way of achieving this in the classroom is with brain breaks. Physical movement brain breaks are the most commonly used, but there is less evidence that compares different types of brain breaks and their effectiveness in promoting student refocus after the brain...

An Analysis of Values Literacy and Internalisation in Students Commencing High School: A Pilot Study

This mixed methods pilot study investigated the impact of values education on Year Seven students in three Christian K-12 schools in Australia. Participants were surveyed to determine their knowledge, understanding, and internalisation of the Nine Core Values for Australian Schooling. Further, random selections of students from two schools participated in three focus groups that...

Using Assessment Tasks to Develop a Greater Sense of Values Literacy in Pre-service Teachers

Although much emphasis is given to teaching values in schools, there appears to be less evidence that teacher education courses are explicitly preparing pre-service teachers for this responsibility. In this study, the Values for Australian Schools were integrated into two assessment tasks in the second year of a Bachelor of Education (Primary) Degree. Pre-service teachers...

What Considerations Are Important for Fostering the Faith Development of Senior Students? A Case Study of Two Schools with Campus Churches

Beverly J. Christian Avondale College ResearchOnline@Avondale Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Education Commons Recommended Citation - Article 8

The Other Hat: Teaching Discernment in the Twenty-first Century

The 21st century is placing new demands on teachers and schools. Children are growing up in a society that is characterised by exponential change, escalating social issues and everchanging technology. Because of this rapidly changing culture, our students will face challenges that do not currently exist, when they reach the workplace (Davies, McNulty & Maddox, 2011). These...

Engaging with Community: How Schools Are Helping Their Students Become Informed, Responsible and Compassionate Citizens

In Tasmania, high school students sit with senior citizens and individually tutor them in computer skills. At a school in Victoria, Year 9 students studying hospitality serve a meal to community guests and provide dinner entertainment. In a small rural New South Wales primary school, the children are busy in their HOPE gardens, harvesting vegetables for charity groups who take...

Computer Technology in the Geography Classroom: Quality Teaching and Learning

Computer technology is influencing every area of our lives. Funding from the Federal Government and the need to connect with and engage Generation Y students in learning puts pressure on teachers to find valid and effective ways of using computers in the classroom. This article shares one Geography teacher’s experiences of using computer technology to enhance quality teaching.