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QTL mapping for nine drought-responsive agronomic traits in bread wheat under irrigated and rain-fed environments

: Vijay Gahlaut, Harindra S. Balyan, Pushpendra Kumar Gupta. Data curation: Vijay Gahlaut, Vandana Jaiswal, Bhudeva S. Tyagi, Gyanendra Singh, Sindhu dra Kumar Gupta. Kumar Gupta. Formal analysis: Vijay ... Gahlaut, Vandana Jaiswal. Investigation: Vijay Gahlaut. Resources: Bhudeva S. Tyagi, Gyanendra Singh, Sindhu Sareen, Harindra S. Balyan, PushpenSupervision: Harindra S. Balyan, Pushpendra Kumar Gupta

Characterising variation in wheat traits under hostile soil conditions in India

Intensive crop breeding has increased wheat yields and production in India. Wheat improvement in India typically involves selecting yield and component traits under non-hostile soil conditions at regional scales. The aim of this study is to quantify G*E interactions on yield and component traits to further explore site-specific trait selection for hostile soils. Field experiments...