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The impact of disease severity adjustment on hospital standardised mortality ratios: Results from a service-wide analysis of ischaemic stroke admissions using linked pre-hospital, admissions and mortality data

Gattellari, John Worthington. Formal analysis: Chris Goumas. Funding acquisition: Melina Gattellari, Bin Jalaludin, John Worthington. Investigation: Melina Gattellari, Chris Goumas, Bin Jalaludin, John ... Worthington. Methodology: Melina Gattellari, Chris Goumas, Bin Jalaludin, John Worthington. Project administration: Melina Gattellari. Supervision: Melina Gattellari, John Worthington. Writing ? original

A case study of well child care visits at general practices in a region of disadvantage in Sydney

standardised residual dependent variConceptualization: Pankaj Garg, John Eastwood, Siaw-Teng Liaw, Bin Jalaludin, Rebekah Data curation: Pankaj Garg, John Eastwood, Siaw-Teng Liaw, Bin Jalaludin, Rebekah Grace ... . Formal analysis: Pankaj Garg, Siaw-Teng Liaw, Bin Jalaludin. Investigation: Pankaj Garg, Bin Jalaludin, Rebekah Grace. Methodology: Pankaj Garg, John Eastwood, Siaw-Teng Liaw, Bin Jalaludin, Rebekah

“Each is in different circumstances anyway”: A realist multilevel situational analysis of maternal depression

Introduction: We present here the findings of a realist multilevel situational analysis of maternal depression.  We use situational analysis to identify the interaction of mothers with social structures and the possible causal influence of those social structures on her wellbeing.  The analysis moves from an emergent empirical approach toward the more reflexive and abductive...

Is More Area-Level Crime Associated With More Sitting and Less Physical Activity? Longitudinal Evidence From 37,162 Australians

Public Health and Community Medicine, University of New South Wales, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (Bin Jalaludin); and Ingham Institute of Applied Medicine, University of New South Wales, Sydney, New ... South Wales, Australia (Bin Jalaludin). T.A.-B. was supported by a National Heart Foundation of Australia postdoctoral fellowship (grant 100161). This research was completed using data collected through

Neighbourhood walkability, road density and socio-economic status in Sydney, Australia

Jalaludin Adrian Bauman Geoffrey G. Morgan 0 Ingham Institute of Applied Medical Research , Sydney, NSW , Australia 1 South West Sydney Clinical School, UNSW Australia , Sydney, NSW , Australia 2 Woolcock

Maximising follow-up participation rates in a large scale 45 and Up Study in Australia

Louisa Jorm 6 Kris Rogers 5 Bin Jalaludin 3 4 Anne Grunseit 0 0 Prevention Research Collaboration, Level 6 Charles Perkins Centre D17, Sydney School of Public Health, University of Sydney , Sydney, NSW

Explaining ecological clusters of maternal depression in South Western Sydney

Background The aim of the qualitative study reported here was to: 1) explain the observed clustering of postnatal depressive symptoms in South Western Sydney; and 2) identify group-level mechanisms that would add to our understanding of the social determinants of maternal depression. Methods Critical realism provided the methodological underpinning for the study. The setting was...

Impact of diabetes on hospital admission and length of stay among a general population aged 45 year or more: a record linkage study

Background The increased prevalence of diabetes and its significant impact on use of health care services, particularly hospitals, is a concern for health planners. This paper explores the risk factors for all-cause hospitalisation and the excess risk due to diabetes in a large sample of older Australians. Methods The study population was 263,482 participants in the 45 and Up...

Health effects of the September 2009 dust storm in Sydney, Australia: did emergency department visits and hospital admissions increase?

Background During September 2009, a large dust storm was experienced in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Extremely high levels of particulate matter were recorded, with daily average levels of coarse matter (<10 μm) peaking over 11,000 μg/m3 and fine (<2.5 μm) over 1,600 μg/m3. We conducted an analysis to determine whether the dust storm was associated with increases in all...

Air pollution events from forest fires and emergency department attendances in Sydney, Australia 1996–2007: a case-crossover analysis

Abstract Background Severe air pollution generated by forest fires is becoming an increasingly frequent public health management problem. We measured the association between forest fire smoke events and hospital emergency department (ED) attendances in Sydney from 1996–2007. Methods A smoke event occurred when forest fires caused the daily citywide average concentration of...

Geospatial analyses to identify clusters of adverse antenatal factors for targeted interventions

6 John Eastwood 3 4 5 7 Bin Jalaludin 1 4 0 South Western Sydney Clinical School, University of New South Wales , Sydney , Australia 1 Centre for Research, Evidence Management and Surveillance, South

Who is our cohort: recruitment, representativeness, baseline risk and retention in the “Watch Me Grow” study?

Axelsson 8 14 15 Alexandra Hendry 13 Bin Jalaludin 12 14 17 Cheryl Dissanayake 16 Bronwyn Overs 8 15 Joseph Descallar 11 14 John Eastwood 6 14 Stewart Einfeld 7 Natalie Silove 4 10 15 Kate Short 5 9 14

Validating self-report of diabetes use by participants in the 45 and up study: a record linkage study

Jalaludin Louisa Jorm Mark Fort Harris 0 0 Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, University of New South Wales , Sydney, NSW 2052 , Australia Background: Prevalence studies usually depend on self-report

An objective index of walkability for research and planning in the Sydney Metropolitan Region of New South Wales, Australia: an ecological study

Background Walkability describes the capacity of the built environment to support walking for various purposes. This paper describes the construction and validation of two objective walkability indexes for Sydney, Australia. Methods Walkability indexes using residential density, intersection density, land use mix, with and without retail floor area ratio were calculated for 5,858...

Neighbourhood safety and area deprivation modify the associations between parkland and psychological distress in Sydney, Australia

Background The aim of this study was to investigate how perceived neighbourhood safety and area deprivation influenced the relationship between parklands and mental health. Methods Information about psychological distress, perceptions of safety, demographic and socio-economic background at the individual level was extracted from New South Wales Population Health Survey. The...

Preventive care in general practice among healthy older New South Wales residents

Background Despite being at high risk, disadvantaged patients may be less likely to receive preventive care in general practice. This study aimed to explore self-reported preventive care received from general practitioners and the factors associated with this by healthy New South Wales (NSW) residents aged 45–74 years. Methods A self-completed questionnaire was sent to 100,000...

The impact of heat on mortality and morbidity in the Greater Metropolitan Sydney Region: a case crossover analysis

Hanigan Fay H Johnston Hisham Abu-Rayya Richard Broome Clive Gaskin Bin Jalaludin 0 University Centre for Rural Health - North Coast, University of Sydney , Sydney , Australia 1 North Coast Public Health

A pre-and-post study of an urban renewal program in a socially disadvantaged neighbourhood in Sydney, Australia

Background Urban renewal programs aim to target both the physical and social environments to improve the social capital, social connectedness, sense of community and economic conditions of residents of the neighbourhoods. We evaluated the impact of an urban renewal program on the health and well-being of residents of a socially disadvantaged community in south-western Sydney...

"Are you available for the next 18 months?" - methods and aims of a longitudinal birth cohort study investigating a universal developmental surveillance program: the ‘Watch Me Grow’ study

' study Valsamma Eapen 0 1 10 Susan Woolfenden 14 15 Katrina Williams 12 13 17 Bin Jalaludin 10 11 16 Cheryl Dissanayake 8 Emma L Axelsson 0 1 10 Elisabeth Murphy 9 John Eastwood 6 10 Joseph Descallar 7

Investigating health effects in a community surrounding a road tunnel stack – a cross sectional study

Background Extended tunnelled roadways requiring ventilation via exhaust stacks are an increasingly common solution to traffic congestion around the world. In response to community concerns about adverse health effects associated with emissions from a new road tunnel exhaust stack, despite no demonstrable change in local ambient air quality, we conducted a cross sectional study...