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Temporal trend of hepatitis B surface mutations in the post-immunization period: 9 years of surveillance (2005–2013) in eastern China

Limited information is available about the temporal trend in the prevalence and evolution of hepatitis B virus (HBV) S-gene mutations in the post-immunization era in China. From 2005 to 2013, 1077 hepatitis B cases under 15 years of age reported through Chinese National Notifiable Disease Reporting System (NNDRS) were successfully sequenced of S-gene in Shandong province, China...

Chemotherapy promotes tumour cell hybridization in vivo

Spontaneous cell-cell fusion has been recognized to be an important mechanism for tissue and organ development and repair. In cancer, cell fusion is critically involved in tumourigenesis, metastasis and drug resistance, as illustrated by in vitro experiments. However, there has been no direct detection of tumour cell fusion or hybridization in an in vivo tumour environment, and...

A genome-wide association study identifies polymorphisms in the HLA-DR region associated with non-response to hepatitis B vaccination in Chinese Han populations

Vaccination against hepatitis B virus is an effective and routine practice that can prevent infection. However, 5–10% of healthy adults fail to produce protective levels of antibody against the hepatitis B vaccination. It has been reported that host genetic variants might affect the immune response to hepatitis B vaccination. Here, we reported a genome-wide association study in a...