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A perturbative RS I cosmological phase transition

We identify a class of Randall–Sundrum type models with a successful first order cosmological phase transition during which a 5D dual of approximate conformal symmetry is spontaneously broken. Our focus is on soft-wall models that naturally realize a light radion/dilaton and suppressed dynamical contribution to the cosmological constant. We discuss phenomenology of the phase...

LHC vector resonance searches in the \( t\overline{t}Z \) final state

LHC searches for BSM resonances in l + l − , jj, \( t\overline{t} \) , γγ and VV final states have so far not resulted in discovery of new physics. Current results set lower limits on mass scales of new physics resonances well into the \( \mathcal{O}(1) \) TeV range, assuming that the new resonance decays dominantly to a pair of Standard Model particles. While the SM pair...

Heavy gravitino and split SUSY in the light of BICEP2

JiJi Fan 0 Bithika Jain 0 Ogan O zsoy 0 0 Department of Physics, Syracuse University , Syracuse, NY 13244, U.S.A High-scale supersymmetry (SUSY) with a split spectrum has become increasingly

Spin-one top partner: phenomenology

Cai, Cheng, and Terning (CCT) suggested a model in which the left-handed top quark is identified with a gaugino of an extended gauge group, and its superpartner is a spin-1 particle. We perform a phenomenological analysis of this model, with a focus on the spin-1 top partner, which we dub the “swan”. We find that precision electroweak fits, together with direct searches for Z...