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Brief Announcement: Generalising Concurrent Correctness to Weak Memory

, Paderborn , Germany 5 Brijesh Dongol Correctness conditions like linearizability and opacity describe some form of atomicity imposed on concurrent objects. In this paper, we propose a correctness condition

Mechanized proofs of opacity: a comparison of two techniques

Software transactional memory (STM) provides programmers with a high-level programming abstraction for synchronization of parallel processes, allowing blocks of codes that execute in an interleaved manner to be treated as atomic blocks. This atomicity property is captured by a correctness criterion called opacity, which relates the behaviour of an STM implementation to those of a...

Proving Opacity of a Pessimistic STM

Transactional Memory (TM) is a high-level programming abstraction for concurrency control that provides programmers with the illusion of atomically executing blocks of code, called transactions. TMs come in two categories, optimistic and pessimistic, where in the latter transactions never abort. While this simplifies the programming model, high-performing pessimistic TMs can be...

Defining Correctness Conditions for Concurrent Objects in Multicore Architectures

Correctness of concurrent objects is defined in terms of conditions that determine allowable relationships between histories of a concurrent object and those of the corresponding sequential object. Numerous correctness conditions have been proposed over the years, and more have been proposed recently as the algorithms implementing concurrent objects have been adapted to cope with...