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Effect of new and conventional technological processes on the terroir marker 87Sr/86Sr

. Monteiro , R. Bruno de Sousa, A.S. Curvelo-Garcia , S. Catarino , J. Int. Sci. Vigne Vin , 48 ( 1 ), 21 - 29 ( 2014 ) [10] S. Catarino , R. Bruno de Sousa, A.S. Curvelo-Garcia , Origem geogra´fica . In: A.S ... . Catarino , A.S. Curvelo-Garcia , R. Bruno de Sousa, Talanta, 70 , 1073 - 1080 ( 2006 )

Duffy Negative Antigen Is No Longer a Barrier to Plasmodium vivax – Molecular Evidences from the African West Coast (Angola and Equatorial Guinea)

Background Plasmodium vivax shows a small prevalence in West and Central Africa due to the high prevalence of Duffy negative people. However, Duffy negative individuals infected with P. vivax have been reported in areas of high prevalence of Duffy positive people who may serve as supply of P. vivax strains able to invade Duffy negative erythrocytes. We investigated the presence...