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Strickland-Lite: Padilla’s Two-Tiered Duty for Noncitizens

of Strickland analyses and contends that the new Strickland-lite approach conflicts with Strickland’s mandate and fails to remedy Copyright © 2013 by César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández. *Associate

Feeble, Circular, and Unpredictable: OSHA's Failure to Protect Temporary Workers

World L.J. 193, 2007 Part of the Labor and Employment Law Commons Recommended Citation - Article 7 Follow this and additional works at: César Cuauhtémoc García ... Hernández* Outside it’s 100 degrees and inside it’s like 200. It’s real hot in there. They don’t have windows. When it’s 90 degrees, we’re just sweating. The sweat is just pouring off us. We just have fans

Immigrant Outsider, Alien Invader: Immigration Policing Today

Law Review: Today Im migrant O utsider, Number 0 LatCrit XVI Symposium - Global Justice: 0 César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández 0 Hernández, César Cuauhtémoc García (2012) "Immigrant Outsider, Alien

Unseen Exclusions in Voting and Immigration Law

By César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández, Published on 01/01/15 ... :// - UNSEEN EXCLUSIONS IN VOTING AND IMMIGRATION LAW CÉSAR CUAUHTÉMOC GARCÍA HERNÁNDEZ* Nineteen sixty-five proved monumental in the history of race relations in the