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Alterações nucleares das cellulas do figado nas infecções de Macacus Rhesus e M. Cynomolgus pelo virus da febre amarella

In the liver of one Macacus rhesus injected by BEAUREPAIRE ARAGÂO with blood of one benign case of yellow fever and in which he described (1) symptoms and typical lesions similar to those obtained by STOKES, BAUER and HUDSON in M. rhesus injected with the African virus, it has been found (2) changes in the nuclei analogous to those refered to in herpes zoster, symptomatic herpes...

Rutura do baço na febre tifóide

A case of typhus levissimus or splenotyphus is reported whose death ocurred approximately at the beginning of the 2nd week as a consequence of rupture of the spleen and hematoperitoneum (2 liters). Acute perisplenitis and intracapsular hemorrhages as well as marked distention of the capsule pertinent to the extreme increase in volume of the organ in this stage of the disease are...

Alterações microscópicas na erupção do Sarampo

Hyaline necrosis of epidermal cells either single or in clumps represents apparently the primary change in the measles eruption. Lesions occur, however, very soon in the corium and could be demonstrated twelve hours after the onset of the eruption. The early lesions (twelve to thirty-six hours) in the epidermis show usually different stages in a single slide examined. They are...