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In vitro degradation of betaine by ruminal microbes

An in vitro study was conducted to evaluate the degradation of betaine sources by rumen microbes. Five sources of betaine (anhydrous betaine, betaine-HCl, feed-grade betaine, lipidcoated betaine, and concentrated separator byproduct) were incubated in rumen fluid collected from steers fed grain- or forage-based diets. In vitro degradation of betaine was slower with the high...

Development of an in vitro procedure to determine ruminal availability of protein

A series of in vitro experiments was conducted to determine the ruminal availability of protein from grains. Procedures were based on assumptions that 1) ruminal availability of protein is first-limiting to microbial growth, 2) accumulation of microbial cells accurately predicts ruminal protein availability,3) cytosine can be used to accurately estimate microbial cell mass, and 4...