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Gene silencing of heparanase results in suppression of invasion and migration of hepatoma cells

Background This study investigated the effect of transcriptional gene silencing (TGS) of the heparanase gene on hepatoma SMCC-7721 cells. Methods SiRNAs targeting the promoter region and coding region of the heparanase gene were designed and synthesized. Then the siRNAs were transfected into hepatoma SMCC-7721 cells by nuclear transfection or cytoplasmic transfection. The...

Effects of the epigenetic drug MS-275 on the release and function of exosome-related immune molecules in hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Background Tumor-derived exosomes have been viewed as a source of tumor antigens that can be used to induce anti-tumor immune responses. In the current study, we aim to investigate the regulatory effect of the epigenetic drug MS-275 on hepatoma G2 (HepG2) cell-derived exosomes, especially for their immunostimulatory properties and alteration of some non-specific immune protein...