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Identification of MEF2B and TRHDE Gene Polymorphisms Related to Growth Traits in a New Ujumqin Sheep Population

2 SNPs were discovered in our previous genome-wide association study (GWAS): s58995.1 (rs420767326 A>G) in MEF2B gene and OAR3_115712045.1 (rs401775061 A>C) in TRHDE gene, which were significantly associated with post-weaning gain in sheep. Herein, we performed a replication experiment to investigate single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) within the MEF2B and TRHDE gene exons...

Genome-wide detection of CNVs in Chinese indigenous sheep with different types of tails using ovine high-density 600K SNP arrays

Chinese indigenous sheep can be classified into three types based on tail morphology: fat-tailed, fat-rumped, and thin-tailed sheep, of which the typical breeds are large-tailed Han sheep, Altay sheep, and Tibetan sheep, respectively. To unravel the genetic mechanisms underlying the phenotypic differences among Chinese indigenous sheep with tails of three different types, we used...