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GPR91: expanding the frontiers of Krebs cycle intermediates

Since it was discovered, the citric acid cycle has been known to be central to cell metabolism and energy homeostasis. Mainly found in the mitochondrial matrix, some of the intermediates of the Krebs cycle are also present in the blood stream. Currently, there are several reports that indicate functional roles for Krebs intermediates out of its cycle. Succinate, for instance...

Mielolipoma gigante bilateral da glândula adrenal

Myelolipomas are relatively rare benign tumors, frequently associated with the adrenal glands. Usually, they are non-functioning, asymptomatic and measure less than 5 cm. Bilateral giant adrenal myelolipomas are rare. We report the first case of bilateral giant adrenal myelolipomas of the Latin American literature: a 57-year old woman who presented with left abdominal pain. The...