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Cancer initiation and progression within the cancer microenvironment

become more aggressive. Athena Aktipis will addresses the social evolution and natural selection in cancer progression. Carlo Maley describes and classifies the evolution and ecology of tumors ... metastases. Classifying the evolution and ecology of cancers Carlo Maley One of the central problems we have in the management of both pre-cancers and cancers, is predicting how they will evolve. In the

When (distant) relatives stay too long: implications for cancer medicine

Whole-genome analyses of human medulloblastomas show that the dominant clone at relapse is present as a rare subclone at primary diagnosis.

An ecological measure of immune-cancer colocalization as a prognostic factor for breast cancer

Introduction Abundance of immune cells has been shown to have prognostic and predictive significance in many tumor types. Beyond abundance, the spatial organization of immune cells in relation to cancer cells may also have significant functional and clinical implications. However there is a lack of systematic methods to quantify spatial associations between immune and cancer...

Fish as an alternative test for LOH in Barrett's esophagus: implications for the mechanism of p53 loss

, Carlo Maley, Ph.D., Patricia L. Blount, M.D., Peter S. Rabinovitch, M.D., Brian J. Reid, M.D 1 , Thomas Parks , Ph.D., Laura Haroian, M.S.N., Salam F. Zakko, M.D., F.A.C.P. Washington Univ. School of