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Integration of borders: health in the national development policy context

In recent decades, Brazil's borders with other South American countries have been associated with a negative agenda. Public intervention has aimed almost exclusively at guaranteeing national security through a variety of restrictions. In the current century, with a slow but steady shift in the geopolitical paradigm, integration among South American nations has become a priority...

Saúde e desenvolvimento no Brasil: avanços e desafios

 ]     Correspondência | Correspondence: Carlos Augusto Grabois Gadelha Pav. Carlos Augusto da Silva, 2º andar Av. Brasil, 4365 - Manguinhos 21040-900 Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil E-mail: Recebido: 10/2/2012

The role of hospitals in the dynamic of health care innovation

The article analyzes the role played by hospital services in the dynamic of health care innovation, considering that these are the driving force of the innovation process within the Economic-Industrial Health Care Complex. In addition, the services' potential for articulating virtuously the economic and social dimensions of development is emphasized in the article. By using the...

O complexo econômico-industrial da saúde e a dimensão social e econômica do desenvolvimento

, Seixas PHD, organizadores. Política e gestão pública em saúde. São Paulo: Hucitec/ Cealag; 2011: p.75-101.         [ Links ]     Correspondência | Correspondence: Carlos Augusto Grabois Gadelha

Health care innovation from a territorial perspective: a call for a new approach

Innovation plays an increasingly important role in health care, partly because it is responsible for a significant share of national investment in research and development, and partly because of its industrial and service provision base, which provides a conduit to future technology. The relationship between health care and development is also strengthened as a result of the...

Oportunidades na indústria de medicamentos e a lógica do desenvolvimento local baseado nos biomas brasileiros: bases para a discussão de uma política nacional

This study discusses new concepts in the technological development of plant-derived medicines and their relevance to public health, highlighting opportunities in the pharmaceutical market both for the production of herbal medicines and the development of new drugs based on plant substrates and molecules. Recent theoretical and scientific premises for the socioeconomic development...

Saúde e inovação: uma abordagem sistêmica das indústrias da saúde

Recognizing the importance of generating and disseminating innovation for the social and economic development of capitalist countries and the systemic, institutional, and historical nature of this process, this paper emphasizes the need to deal with innovation in the health sector within a framework linking economic, institutional, and policy dynamics. Analysis of the main health...