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Sex and Social Order: The Selective Enforcement of Colonial American Adultery Laws in the English Context

, 1996. Pp. x, 496. $35.00. Carolyn B. Ramsey* Legal scholars and historians have found the subordination of women inscribed in literature, art, family conduct manuals, and, of course, in the law. Yet ... link between family and state" and justified the southern courts' * Carolyn B. Ramsey is a third-year law student and doctoral candidate in British History at Stanford University. She will clerk for

Domestic Violence and State Intervention in the American West and Australia, 1860-1930

of the Comparative and Foreign Law Commons, Criminal Law Commons , Family Law 1 University of Colorado Law School , USA Recommended Citation - CAROLYN B. RAMSEY* This Article calls into question ... gender relations in the American West and Australia by † Copyright © 2011 Carolyn B. Ramsey. * Associate Professor of Law, University of Colorado Law School. I would like to thank George Fisher, Caroline

The Exit Myth: Family Law, Gender Roles, and Changing Attitudes toward Female Victims of Domestic Violence

note 3, at 241-42. Many women who ultimately died at the hands of abusive spouses made ends meet through paid work. See Carolyn B. Ramsey, The DiscretionaryPower of 'Public'Prosecutors in ... approximately 1860 and 1930, see generally Carolyn B . Ramsey , Domestic Violence andState Intervention in the American West and Australia, 86 IND. L.J. 186 ( 2011 ) [hereinafter Ramsey, Domestic Violence and

Provoking Change: Comparative Insights on Feminist Homicide Law Reform

By Carolyn B. Ramsey, Published on 01/01/10 ... ; Criminology Commons; and the Criminology and Criminal - CAROLYN B. RAMSEY* The provocation defense, which mitigates murder to manslaughter for killings perpetrated in the heat of passion, is one of the most