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A versatile and low-cost open source pipetting robot for automation of toxicological and ecotoxicological bioassays

In the past decades, bioassays and whole-organism bioassay have become important tools not only in compliance testing of industrial chemicals and plant protection products, but also in the monitoring of environmental quality. With few exceptions, such test systems are discontinuous. They require exposure of the biological test material in small units, such as multiwell plates...

A new approach to investigate the interactions between sediment transport and ecotoxicological processes during flood events

Catrina Cofalla cofalla@iww.rwth- 0 Roy M Frings 0 Sabine U Gerbersdorf Markus Hecker Sebastian Hudjetz Ulrike Kammann Gottfried Lennartz Sebastian Roger 0 Andreas Schäffer Henner Hollert 0 Institute of