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Effects of Meshed p-type Contact Structure on the Light Extraction Effect for Deep Ultraviolet Flip-Chip Light-Emitting Diodes

In this work, flip-chip AlGaN-based deep ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (DUV LEDs) with various meshed contact structures are systematically investigated via three-dimensional finite-difference time-domain (3D FDTD) method. It is observed that both transverse electric (TE)- and transverse magnetic (TM)-polarized light extraction efficiencies (LEEs) are sensitive to the spacing...

Operating characteristics of a single-stage Stirling-type pulse tube cryocooler with high cooling power at liquid nitrogen temperatures

The operating characteristics are important for design and optimization of pulse tube cryocoolers, in particular for those with high cooling power, which up to now have been seldom extensively investigated. In this study, the dependence of cooling performance on the charge pressure and operating frequency has been investigated, both numerically and experimentally. A numerical...

Selection of Atmospheric Environmental Monitoring Sites based on Geographic Parameters Extraction of GIS and Fuzzy Matter-Element Analysis

To effectively monitor the atmospheric quality of small-scale areas, it is necessary to optimize the locations of the monitoring sites. This study combined geographic parameters extraction by GIS with fuzzy matter-element analysis. Geographic coordinates were extracted by GIS and transformed into rectangular coordinates. These coordinates were input into the Gaussian plume model...