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Two variants of the IIR spline adaptive filter for combating impulsive noise

Neural networks SAF Spline adaptive filter VAF Volterra adaptive filters Chang Liu and Chao Peng contributed equally to this work. 1 Introduction Due to their concise design and low complexity

Tunable Electric Properties of Bilayer α-GeTe with Different Interlayer Distances and External Electric Fields

Based on first-principle calculations, the stability, electronic structure, optical absorption, and modulated electronic properties by different interlayer distances or by external electric fields of bilayer α-GeTe are systemically investigated. Results show that van der Waals (vdW) bilayer α-GeTe has an indirect band structure with the gap value of 0.610 eV, and α-GeTe has...

Does Web Site Usability Correlate with Web Site Usage?

with Web Site Usage? Charles E. Downing Northern Illinois University USA Chang Liu Northern Illinois University USA ABSTRACT Usability is one prominent measure of accessibility and acceptability

Perceptions of unsolicited electronic mail or spam

.: PJerocueprntiaonlsofofIunntseorlnicaitteiodnealelcTtreocnhicnmolaoilgoyr&spIanmformation Management P(Erceptions of unsolicited electronic mail or spam Jack T. Marchewka Chang Liu Charles G. Petersen Northern IllinoisUniversity ABSTRACT joiu

Bearing Fault Classification Based on Conditional Random Field

Shock and Vibration 1070-9622 Bearing fault classification based on conditional random field Guofeng Wang 0 Xiaoliang Feng 0 Chang Liu 0 0 Key Laboratory of Mechanism Theory and Equipment Design of

Ten new species of the spider genus Althepus Thorell, 1898 from Southeast Asia (Araneae, Ochyroceratidae)

Spiders of the genus Althepus Thorell, 1898 are found throughout Southeast Asia, notable for their long walking legs. Ten new species are reported in this paper from China, Indonesia, Laos and Myanmar: A. chengmenensis Li & Li, sp. n. (♂♀), A. cheni Li & Li, sp. n. (♂♀), A. gouci Li & Li, sp. n. (♂♀), A. hongguangi Li & Li, sp. n. (♂♀), A. phousalao Li & Li, sp. n. (♂♀), A...

Acceptance Of Wireless Internet Via Mobile Technology In China

Technology In China June Lu University of Houston - Victoria Chang Liu Northern Illinois University Chun-Sheng Yu University of Houston -Victoria James E. Yao Montclair State University This study

Acceptance Of Wireless Internet Via Mobile Technology In China

Wireless Internet Via Mobile Technology In China June Lu University of Houston – Victoria Chang Liu Northern Illinois University Chun-Sheng Yu University of Houston – Victoria James E. Yao Montclair

Preparation of Glycyrrhetinic Acid Liposomes Using Lyophilization Monophase Solution Method: Preformulation, Optimization, and In Vitro Evaluation

characterization. TL and XS drafted the manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Authors’ Information All authors (Dr. Tingting Liu, Dr. Wenquan Zhu, Dr. Cuiyan Han, Dr. Xiaoyu Sui, Chang Liu

Cloning of the pks3 gene of Aurantiochytrium limacinum and functional study of the 3-ketoacyl-ACP reductase and dehydratase enzyme domains

Conceptualization: Zhu Liu, Xiaonan Zang. Data curation: Feng Zhang. Formal analysis: Zhu Liu, Xuexue Cao. Funding acquisition: Xiaonan Zang. Investigation: Xuexue Cao, Zhendong Wang, Chang Liu. Methodology

A study of the car-to-train assignment problem for rail express cargos in the scheduled and unscheduled train services network

: Boliang Lin, Chang Liu. Funding acquisition: Boliang Lin, Wengao Peng. Investigation: Boliang Lin, Min Sun, Wengao Peng, Siqi Liu. Methodology: Boliang Lin, Jingsong Duan, Jiaxi Wang. Project ... , Jingsong Duan, Chang Liu, Jie Xiao. Writing ± original draft: Boliang Lin, Jingsong Duan, Jiaxi Wang. Writing ± review & editing: Boliang Lin, Jingsong Duan, Jiaxi Wang, Min Sun, Jie Xiao, Siqi Liu

Non-tariff and overall protection: evidence across countries and over time

This paper analyzes the evolution of the incidence and intensity of non-tariff measures (NTMs). It extends earlier work by measuring protection from NTMs over time from a newly available database and provides evidence on the evolution of NTMs. In particular, building on Kee et al. (Econ J 119(534):172–199, 2009), this paper estimates the ad valorem equivalents of NTMs for 97...

TeamWATCH: Visualizing development activities using a 3-D city metaphor to improve conflict detection and team awareness

like to thank the Ohio University undergraduate and graduate students who participated in this study. Conceptualization: En Ye, Chang Liu. Funding acquisition: Chang Liu. Investigation: Xin Ye, Chang ... Liu. Methodology: Chang Liu. Project administration: Chang Liu. Resources: Chang Liu. Software: En Ye, Chang Liu. Supervision: Chang Liu. Validation: Xin Ye, Chang Liu. Writing ? original draft

Dynamic Fuzzy Reliability Analysis of Multistate Systems Based on Universal Generating Function

Considering the fuzziness of load, strength, operational states, and state probability, reliability models of multistate systems are developed based on universal generating function (UGF). The fuzzy UGF of load and the fuzzy UGF of strength are proposed in this paper, which are used to derive the fuzzy component UGF and the fuzzy system UGF. By defining the decomposition operator...

Methane Medicine: A Rising Star Gas with Powerful Anti-Inflammation, Antioxidant, and Antiapoptosis Properties

, China Correspondence should be addressed to Chang Liu; moc.361@rotcodgnahcuil and Jingyao Zhang; moc.361@yuo21uoy Received 19 November 2017; Revised 12 January 2018; Accepted 21 January 2018; Published ... . Authors’ Contributions Yifan Jia participated in the research design and writing the paper. Zeyu Li participated in the literature review and writing the paper. They contributed equally to the paper. Chang

Detection of genomic structural variations in Guizhou indigenous pigs and the comparison with other breeds

[2017] 2587). Author Contributions Conceptualization: Xueqin Ran, Jiafu Wang. Data curation: Chang Liu, Xueqin Ran. Formal analysis: Chang Liu, Xueqin Ran. Funding acquisition: Jiafu Wang ... . Investigation: Chang Liu, Sheng Li. Methodology: Xueqin Ran, Jiafu Wang, Jianfeng Liu. Project administration: Xueqin Ran, Jiafu Wang, Jianfeng Liu. 18 / 23 Resources: Chang Liu, Xueqin Ran. Software: Chang Liu

Automatic Semantic Segmentation of Brain Gliomas from MRI Images Using a Deep Cascaded Neural Network

Brain tumors can appear anywhere in the brain and have vastly different sizes and morphology. Additionally, these tumors are often diffused and poorly contrasted. Consequently, the segmentation of brain tumor and intratumor subregions using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data with minimal human interventions remains a challenging task. In this paper, we present a novel fully...

Reduced Contact Resistance Between Metal and n-Ge by Insertion of ZnO with Argon Plasma Treatment

We investigate the metal-insulator-semiconductor contacts on n-Ge utilizing a ZnO interfacial layer (IL) to overcome the Fermi-level pinning (FLP) effect at metal/Ge interface and reduce the barrier height for electrons. A small conduction band offset of 0.22 eV at the interface between ZnO and n-Ge is obtained, and the ZnO IL leads to the significant reduced contact resistance...

Design of a Tunable Ultra-Broadband Terahertz Absorber Based on Multiple Layers of Graphene Ribbons

We propose and numerically demonstrate an ultra-broadband graphene-based metamaterial absorber, which consists of multi-layer graphene/dielectric on the SiO2 layer supported by a metal substrate. The simulated result shows that the proposed absorber can achieve a near-perfect absorption above 90% with a bandwidth of 4.8 Thz. Owing to the flexible tunability of graphene sheet, the...