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Adaptive Diffeomorphic Multiresolution Demons and Their Application to Same Modality Medical Image Registration with Large Deformation

be addressed to Yi Yu; moc.qq@138196302 Received 30 November 2017; Accepted 4 March 2018; Published 16 May 2018 Academic Editor: Richard H. Bayford Copyright © 2018 Chang Wang et al. This is an

Women with adenomyosis are at higher risks of endometrial and thyroid cancers: A population-based historical cohort study

Chang Wang 1 0 School of Public Health, College of Public Health, Taipei Medical University , Taipei, Taiwan , 2 Department of Public Health, China Medical University , Taichung, Taiwan , 3 School of ... , Wen-Chang Wang. Data curation: Chih-Hsin Muo. Formal analysis: Chih-Ching Yeh, Chih-Hsin Muo, Wen-Chang Wang. Funding acquisition: Chih-Ching Yeh, Wen-Chang Wang. Investigation: Chih-Ching Yeh, Fu

Room-temperature processing of silver submicron fiber mesh for flexible electronics

, Ziyun Huang, Donglai Li, Chang Wang & Hui Wu AuthorsSearch for Xiaopeng Bai in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Sen Lin in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar ... • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Ziyun Huang in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Donglai Li in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Chang Wang

Short cavity DFB fiber laser based vector hydrophone for low frequency signal detection

Corresponding author: Chang WANG 0 0 Shandong Key Laboratory of Optical Fiber Sensing & Techonology, Laser Institute of Shandong Academy of Science , China, Jinan, 250014 , China A short cavity distributed

Interferometric distributed sensing system with phase optical time-domain reflectometry

Citation: Chen WANG, Ying SHANG, Xiaohui LIU, Chang WANG, Hongzhong WANG, and Gangding PENG, “Interferometric Distributed Sensing System With Phase Optical Time-Domain Reflectometry,” Photonic

A Self-adaptive Bit-level Color Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Generalized Arnold Map

A self-adaptive bit-level color image encryption algorithm based on generalized Arnold map is proposed. The red, green, blue components of the plain-image with height H and width W are decomposed into 8-bit planes and one three-dimensional bit matrix with size ze H×W×24 is obtained. The generalized Arnold map is used to generate pseudo-random sequences to scramble the resulted...

Missense mutation at CLDN8 associated with a high plasma interferon gamma-inducible protein 10 level in methadone-maintained patients with urine test positive for morphine

, Ren-Hua Chung, Chia-Lung Shih, Hsiang-Wei Kuo. Formal analysis: Tung-Hsia Liu, Chia-Lung Shih. Investigation: Sheng-Chang Wang. Methodology: Ren-Hua Chung, Chiu-Ping Fang, Hsiang-Wei Kuo. Software

Interferometric distributed sensing system with phase optical time-domain reflectometry

We demonstrate a distributed optical fiber sensing system based on the Michelson interferometer of the phase sensitive optical time domain reflectometer (φ-OTDR) for acoustic measurement. Phase, amplitude, frequency response, and location information can be directly obtained at the same time by using the passive 3×3 coupler demodulation. We also set an experiment and successfully...

Integrating uniform design and response surface methodology to optimize thiacloprid suspension

A model 25% suspension concentrate (SC) of thiacloprid was adopted to evaluate an integrative approach of uniform design and response surface methodology. Tersperse2700, PE1601, xanthan gum and veegum were the four experimental factors, and the aqueous separation ratio and viscosity were the two dependent variables. Linear and quadratic polynomial models of stepwise regression...

Distributed acoustic sensing with Michelson interferometer demodulation

author: Chang WANG 2 0 Shengli Oilfield Xinsheng Geophysical Technology Co. Ltd. , Dongying, Shandong, 257000 , China 1 School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications, the University of New South

Benchmarking of the Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencing for quantitative and qualitative assessment of cDNA populations

Dr. Penfield Avenue, McGill University, Montréal, Québec, CanadaSpyros Oikonomopoulos, Yu Chang Wang, Haig Djambazian, Dunarel Badescu & Jiannis RagoussisDepartment of Bioengineering, McGill University ... , Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaJiannis Ragoussis AuthorsSearch for Spyros Oikonomopoulos in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Yu Chang Wang in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google

Development of high sensitivity eight-element multiplexed fiber laser acoustic pressure hydrophone array and interrogation system

Fiber laser hydrophones have got widespread concerns due to the unique advantages and broad application prospects. In this paper, the research results of the eight-element multiplexed fiber laser acoustic pressure array and the interrogation system are introduced, containing low-noise distributed feedback fiber laser (DFB-FL) fabrication, sensitivity enhancement packaging, and...

Impact of smoking on health-related quality of Life after percutaneous coronary intervention treated with drug-eluting stents: a longitudinal observational study

Background Smoking has been shown to reduce health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) undergoing percutanous coronary intervention (PCI) either by means of balloon angioplasty or with the use of bare-metal stents (BMS). Drug-eluting stents (DES) have now been widely used and are related to substantial reduction of restenosis and...

Laparoscopic surgery on broken points for uterine sarcoma in the early stage decrease prognosis

Uterine sarcoma, a rare solid tumor in uterus, is difficult to identify in the early stage from some benign uterine tumors, such as uterine fibroids. Hence, uterine sarcoma may be treated in the same way as uterine fibroids; and this may not be found until pathological diagnosis. Consequently, this can lead to tumor’s abdominal spread, planting and local invasive growth...

Chronic hepatitis infection is associated with extrahepatic cancer development: a nationwide population-based study in Taiwan

-Chang Wang 5 Fung-Chang Sung 4 8 Shih-Ni Chang 4 8 Chih-Ching Yeh 0 1 0 School of Public Health, College of Public Health and Nutrition, Taipei Medical University , No. 250 Wu-Hsing Street, Taipei 11031

6.2-GHz modulated terahertz light detection using fast terahertz quantum well photodetectors

The fast detection of terahertz radiation is of great importance for various applications such as fast imaging, high speed communications, and spectroscopy. Most commercial products capable of sensitively responding the terahertz radiation are thermal detectors, i.e., pyroelectric sensors and bolometers. This class of terahertz detectors is normally characterized by low...

Hilbert-Huang transform with adaptive waveform matching extension and its application in power quality disturbance detection for microgrid

XU 0 Chang WANG 0 Xavier YANG 0 0 R&D of Electricite de France (EDF), China Center , Beijing , China With the significant improvement of microgrid technology, microgrid has gained large-scale

Multi-wavelength narrow linewidth fiber laser based on distributed feedback fiber lasers

Citation: Jingsheng LV, Haifeng QI, Zhiqiang SONG, Jian GUO, Jiasheng NI, Chang WANG, et al., ?Multi-Wavelength Narrow Linewidth Fiber Laser Based on Distributed Feedback Fiber Lasers,? Photonic

Bmi-1 regulates stem cell-like properties of gastric cancer cells via modulating miRNAs

Background B cell-specific Moloney murine leukemia virus integration site 1 (Bmi-1) plays an important role in regulating stemness in some kinds of cancer. However, the mechanisms remain unclear. This study was to investigate whether and how Bmi-1 regulates stemness of gastric cancer. Methods We firstly explored the role of Bmi-1 in regulating stem cell-like features in gastric...