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Development of a novel autonomous lower extremity exoskeleton robot for walking assistance

Today, exoskeletons are widely applied to provide walking assistance for patients with lower limb motor incapacity. Most existing exoskeletons are under-actuated, resulting in a series of problems, e.g., interference and unnatural gait during walking. In this study, we propose a novel intelligent autonomous lower extremity exoskeleton (Auto-LEE), aiming at improving the user...

Friend and POI recommendation based on social trust cluster in location-based social networks

Friend and point-of-interest (POI) recommendation are two primary individual services in location-based social networks (LBSNs). Major social platforms such as Foursquare and Instagram are all capable of recommending friends or POIs to individuals. However, most of these social websites make recommendations only based on similarity, popularity, or geographical influence; social...

Solving a Large-Scale Multi-Depot Vehicle Scheduling Problem in Urban Bus Systems

This study proposes an improved model and algorithm for the large-scale multi-depot vehicle scheduling problem (MDVSP) with departure-duration restrictions. In this study, the time-space network is applied to model the large-scale MDVSP. Considering that crews usually change shifts in the depot, departure-duration restrictions are added to the classic set-partitioning model to...

Efficacy and safety of Tongfu powder in acute pancreatitis patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction: a clinical trial

Efficacy and safety of Tongfu powder in acute pancreatitis patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction: a clinical trial Bin Miao, Feng-Wu Li, Shu-Wen Zhang, Hong Wang, Wen-Jie Qi, Chao Wang

Possible open-charmed pentaquark molecule \(\varOmega _c(3188)\) – the \(D \varXi \) bound state – in the Bethe–Salpeter formalism

Chao Wang is grateful to Zhen-Yang Wang for helpful discussions. This work was supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities of China (Project No. 31020170QD052), NSFC-Yunnan

Behavior and physiology of two different sow breeds in a farrowing environment during late 35-day lactation

Conceptualization: Honggui Liu, Jun Bao. Data curation: Ran Yi, Chao Wang, Peng Zhao, Mingyue Zhang. Formal analysis: Ran Yi, Chao Wang, Peng Zhao, Mingyue Zhang. Funding acquisition: Honggui Liu, Jun Bao ... . Investigation: Ran Yi, Chao Wang, Peng Zhao, Mingyue Zhang. Methodology: Ran Yi, Chao Wang, Mingyue Zhang. Project administration: Honggui Liu. Resources: Honggui Liu. Supervision: Honggui Liu. Writing

A matched space for time scales and applications to the study on functions

’ insightful comments to improve this manuscript. This work was done while Chao Wang was a visiting scholar at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. This work is supported by Youth Fund of NSFC (No. 11601470), Tian

The Hsp70 inhibitor 2-phenylethynesulfonamide inhibits replication and carcinogenicity of Epstein–Barr virus by inhibiting the molecular chaperone function of Hsp70

Epstein–Barr virus (EBV) can infect cells in latent and lytic period and cause serious disease. Epstein–Barr virus nuclear antigen 1 (EBNA1) is essential for the maintenance of the EBV DNA episome, replication and transcription. 2-phenylethynesulfonamide (PES) is a small molecular inhibitor of Heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70), which can interact with Hsp70 and disrupts its...

Oridonin is a covalent NLRP3 inhibitor with strong anti-inflammasome activity

Oridonin (Ori) is the major active ingredient of the traditional Chinese medicinal herb Rabdosia rubescens and has anti-inflammatory activity, but the target of Ori remains unknown. NLRP3 is a central component of NLRP3 inflammasome and has been involved in a wide variety of chronic inflammation-driven human diseases. Here, we show that Ori is a specific and covalent inhibitor...

Direct observation of tin sites and their reversible interconversion in zeolites by solid-state NMR spectroscopy

Metal-substituted zeolites are an important type of solid Lewis acid with a wide range of applications. Despite the importance of this type of catalyst, identifying active sites can be challenging because different types of metal sites experience similar environments in zeolites. Here we show direct observation of different tin sites in Sn-β zeolite. Two types of open tin sites...

Identification of a microRNA signature associated with survivability in cervical squamous cell carcinoma

Conceptualization: Chao Wang. Data curation: Qiongwei Wu, Guoying Lao. Formal analysis: Chengbin Ma. Investigation: Yu Liu. Methodology: Wenying Zhang, Qiongwei Wu, Chao Wang. Project administration: Ping Liu

Adaptive grid based multi-objective Cauchy differential evolution for stochastic dynamic economic emission dispatch with wind power uncertainty

curation: Chao Wang. Formal analysis: Xiangpeng Xie. Resources: Xiaohui Lei. Software: Chao Wang. Supervision: Dong Yue. Writing ± original draft: Huifeng Zhang. Writing ± review & editing: Xiaohui Lei

Shift in bacterioplankton diversity and structure: Influence of anthropogenic disturbances along the Yarlung Tsangpo River on the Tibetan Plateau, China

Chao Wang Lingzhan Miao Jun Hou QiushengYuan OPEN Published: xx xx xxxx River systems have critical roles in the natural water environment and the transportation of nutrients. Anthropogenic activities

Numerical analysis of propeller exciting force in oblique flow

CFD commercial software FLUENT, based on solving RANS equations, was used to calculate propeller hydrodynamic performance and exciting force. Sliding grid technique was applied to simulate the propeller rotation. Different advance coefficients and oblique inflow angles were set as different working conditions through adjusting inflow magnitude and direction. DTMB4679 propeller as...

Tentacle extract from the jellyfish Cyanea capillata increases proliferation and migration of human umbilical vein endothelial cells through the ERK1/2 signaling pathway

Conceptualization: Beilei Wang, Qian He, Liming Zhang. Data curation: Dan Liu, Chao Wang, Hui Zhang, Guoyan Liu. Formal analysis: Beilei Wang, Dan Liu, Chao Wang, Guoyan Liu. Funding acquisition: Beilei Wang ... , Liming Zhang. Investigation: Dan Liu, Chao Wang, Hui Zhang, Guoyan Liu. Methodology: Beilei Wang, Dan Liu, Qianqian Wang, Guoyan Liu. Project administration: Qian He, Liming Zhang. Resources: Qianqian

Hyperspectral prediction of leaf area index of winter wheat in irrigated and rainfed fields

manuscript for language usage, spelling, and grammar. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Chao Wang, Meichen Feng, Wude Yang. Data curation: Guangxin Li, Chao Wang, Meichen Feng, Ruiyun Feng. Formal ... analysis: Guangxin Li, Chao Wang, Wude Yang, Fangzhou Li. Funding acquisition: Meichen Feng, Wude Yang. Investigation: Guangxin Li, Chao Wang, Fangzhou Li. Methodology: Guangxin Li, Chao Wang, Meichen Feng

Large-scale cross-species chemogenomic platform proposes a new drug discovery strategy of veterinary drug from herbal medicines

Huang. 17 / 20 Data curation: Chao Huang, Yang Yang, Xuetong Chen, Chao Wang, Chunli Zheng. Formal analysis: Chao Huang. Funding acquisition: Yonghua Wang. Methodology: Chao Huang, Yang Yang, Chao Wang ... , Yan Li, Chunli Zheng, Yonghua Wang. Software: Chao Wang, Yan Li, Yonghua Wang. Validation: Yang Yang, Xuetong Chen, Chunli Zheng. Visualization: Chao Huang, Xuetong Chen, Yan Li, Chunli Zheng. Writing

Charmless \(B_{(s)}\rightarrow VV\) decays in factorization-assisted topological-amplitude approach

Within the factorization-assisted topological-amplitude approach, we studied the 33 charmless \(B_{(s)} \rightarrow VV\) decays, where V stands for a light vector meson. According to the flavor flows, the amplitude of each process can be decomposed into eight different topologies. In contrast to the conventional flavor diagrammatic approach, we further factorize each topological...