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Computational study on a puzzle in the biosynthetic pathway of anthocyanin: Why is an enzymatic oxidation/ reduction process required for a simple tautomerization?

Uchiyama. Funding acquisition: Mami Yamazaki, Kazuki Saito, Masanobu Uchiyama. Formal analysis: Hajime Sato. Supervision: Masanobu Uchiyama. Project administration: Chao Wang, Masanobu Uchiyama. Writing ... ± original draft: Hajime Sato, Chao Wang. 1. Feild TS , Lee DW , Holbrook NM . Why Leaves Turn Red in Autumn. The Role of Anthocyanins in Senescing Leaves of Red-Osier Dogwood . Plant Physiol . 2001 ; 127

Behavior and physiology of two different sow breeds in a farrowing environment during late 35-day lactation

Conceptualization: Honggui Liu, Jun Bao. Data curation: Ran Yi, Chao Wang, Peng Zhao, Mingyue Zhang. Formal analysis: Ran Yi, Chao Wang, Peng Zhao, Mingyue Zhang. Funding acquisition: Honggui Liu, Jun Bao ... . Investigation: Ran Yi, Chao Wang, Peng Zhao, Mingyue Zhang. Methodology: Ran Yi, Chao Wang, Mingyue Zhang. Project administration: Honggui Liu. Resources: Honggui Liu. Supervision: Honggui Liu. Writing

Identification of a microRNA signature associated with survivability in cervical squamous cell carcinoma

Conceptualization: Chao Wang. Data curation: Qiongwei Wu, Guoying Lao. Formal analysis: Chengbin Ma. Investigation: Yu Liu. Methodology: Wenying Zhang, Qiongwei Wu, Chao Wang. Project administration: Ping Liu

Adaptive grid based multi-objective Cauchy differential evolution for stochastic dynamic economic emission dispatch with wind power uncertainty

curation: Chao Wang. Formal analysis: Xiangpeng Xie. Resources: Xiaohui Lei. Software: Chao Wang. Supervision: Dong Yue. Writing ± original draft: Huifeng Zhang. Writing ± review & editing: Xiaohui Lei

Tentacle extract from the jellyfish Cyanea capillata increases proliferation and migration of human umbilical vein endothelial cells through the ERK1/2 signaling pathway

Conceptualization: Beilei Wang, Qian He, Liming Zhang. Data curation: Dan Liu, Chao Wang, Hui Zhang, Guoyan Liu. Formal analysis: Beilei Wang, Dan Liu, Chao Wang, Guoyan Liu. Funding acquisition: Beilei Wang ... , Liming Zhang. Investigation: Dan Liu, Chao Wang, Hui Zhang, Guoyan Liu. Methodology: Beilei Wang, Dan Liu, Qianqian Wang, Guoyan Liu. Project administration: Qian He, Liming Zhang. Resources: Qianqian

Hyperspectral prediction of leaf area index of winter wheat in irrigated and rainfed fields

manuscript for language usage, spelling, and grammar. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Chao Wang, Meichen Feng, Wude Yang. Data curation: Guangxin Li, Chao Wang, Meichen Feng, Ruiyun Feng. Formal ... analysis: Guangxin Li, Chao Wang, Wude Yang, Fangzhou Li. Funding acquisition: Meichen Feng, Wude Yang. Investigation: Guangxin Li, Chao Wang, Fangzhou Li. Methodology: Guangxin Li, Chao Wang, Meichen Feng

Large-scale cross-species chemogenomic platform proposes a new drug discovery strategy of veterinary drug from herbal medicines

Huang. 17 / 20 Data curation: Chao Huang, Yang Yang, Xuetong Chen, Chao Wang, Chunli Zheng. Formal analysis: Chao Huang. Funding acquisition: Yonghua Wang. Methodology: Chao Huang, Yang Yang, Chao Wang ... , Yan Li, Chunli Zheng, Yonghua Wang. Software: Chao Wang, Yan Li, Yonghua Wang. Validation: Yang Yang, Xuetong Chen, Chunli Zheng. Visualization: Chao Huang, Xuetong Chen, Yan Li, Chunli Zheng. Writing

Zinc oxide nanoparticles as a substitute for zinc oxide or colistin sulfate: Effects on growth, serum enzymes, zinc deposition, intestinal morphology and epithelial barrier in weaned piglets

Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions II (PAPD II). Thanks to Dr. FAIZ UL HASSAN for his help in editing this manuscript. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Chao Wang, Tian Wang. Data ... curation: Chao Wang, Tian Wang. Funding acquisition: Chao Wang, Tian Wang. Methodology: Chao Wang, Ligen Zhang, Lili Zhang, Tian Wang. Project administration: Chao Wang, Ligen Zhang, Weipeng Su, Zhixiong

Angle stability and outflow in dual blade ab interno trabeculectomy with active versus passive chamber management

Purpose To compare intraoperative angle stability and postoperative outflow of two ab interno trabeculectomy devices that excise the trabecular meshwork with or without active aspiration and irrigation. We hypothesized that anterior segment optical coherence tomography (AS-OCT) allows for a quantitative comparison of intraoperative angle stability in a microincisional glaucoma...

A Molecular Approach to the Sexing of the Triple Burial at the Upper Paleolithic Site of Dolní Věstonice

In the past decades ancient DNA research has brought numerous insights to archaeological research where traditional approaches were limited. The determination of sex in human skeletal remains is often challenging for physical anthropologists when dealing with incomplete, juvenile or pathological specimens. Molecular approaches allow sexing on the basis of sex-specific markers or...

Numerical Simulation of Dry Granular Flow Impacting a Rigid Wall Using the Discrete Element Method

This paper presents a clump model based on Discrete Element Method. The clump model was more close to the real particle than a spherical particle. Numerical simulations of several tests of dry granular flow impacting a rigid wall flowing in an inclined chute have been achieved. Five clump models with different sphericity have been used in the simulations. By comparing the...

Extraction of Sensitive Bands for Monitoring the Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Growth Status and Yields Based on the Spectral Reflectance

To extract the sensitive bands for estimating the winter wheat growth status and yields, field experiments were conducted. The crop variables including aboveground biomass (AGB), soil and plant analyzer development (SPAD) value, yield, and canopy spectra were determined. Statistical methods of correlation analysis, partial least squares (PLS), and stepwise multiple linear...

Short-chain fatty acid receptors inhibit invasive phenotypes in breast cancer cells

: Deron R. Herr. Investigation: Madhumathi Thirunavukkarasan, Chao Wang, Tatsuma Hind, Yuan Ru Teo, Abrar Al-Mahmood Siddiquee, Mohamed Ally Ibrahim Goghari. Methodology: Deron R. Herr. Project

IL-25 Promotes Th2 Immunity Responses in Asthmatic Mice via Nuocytes Activation

Background Interleukin-25 (IL-25) is a potent activator of type-2 immune responses, and is responsible for airway inflammation in asthma. Previous reports have shown that IL-25 expressed hyper-reactivity in an experimental mouse-model of asthma. In addition, the production of IL-13/IL-5 promoted by nuocytes induced airway inflammation. Thus, it has been questioned whether...

A Comparison of Biocompatibility of a Titanium Alloy Fabricated by Electron Beam Melting and Selective Laser Melting

Electron beam melting (EBM) and selective laser melting (SLM) are two advanced rapid prototyping manufacturing technologies capable of fabricating complex structures and geometric shapes from metallic materials using computer tomography (CT) and Computer-aided Design (CAD) data. Compared to traditional technologies used for metallic products, EBM and SLM alter the mechanical...

Increased microRNA-93-5p inhibits osteogenic differentiation by targeting bone morphogenetic protein-2

?token=clefscoqbpgxdid&;acc= GSE89587 (RAR) Author Contributions Data curation: Ying Zhang, Wei-Bin Ding, Lei-Lei Zhang, Hui-Chao Wang. Formal analysis: Ying Zhang. Funding acquisition: You-Wen Liu ... . Methodology: Ying Zhang, Qiu-Shi Wei, Hui-Chao Wang, Ying-Jie Zhu, Yu-Na Chai, You Wen Liu. Project administration: Ying Zhang, Qiu-Shi Wei, Wei He, Yu-Na Chai, You-Wen Liu. Software: Wei-Bin Ding

Decadal Trend in Agricultural Abandonment and Woodland Expansion in an Agro-Pastoral Transition Band in Northern China

Land use land cover (LULC) changes frequently in ecotones due to the large climate and soil gradients, and complex landscape composition and configuration. Accurate mapping of LULC changes in ecotones is of great importance for assessment of ecosystem functions/services and policy-decision support. Decadal or sub-decadal mapping of LULC provides scenarios for modeling...

Functional Roles of Neural Preparatory Processes in a Cued Stroop Task Revealed by Linking Electrophysiology with Behavioral Performance

It is well established that cuing facilitates behavioral performance and that different aspects of instructional cues evoke specific neural preparatory processes in cued task-switching paradigms. To deduce the functional role of these neural preparatory processes the majority of studies vary aspects of the experimental paradigm and describe how these variations alter markers of...

Digitor/dASCIZ Has Multiple Roles in Drosophila Development

In this study we provide evidence that the spindle matrix protein Skeletor in Drosophila interacts with the human ASCIZ (also known as ATMIN and ZNF822) ortholog, Digitor/dASCIZ. This interaction was first detected in a yeast two-hybrid screen and subsequently confirmed by pull-down assays. We also confirm a previously documented function of Digitor/dASCIZ as a regulator of...

High Expression of Derlin-1 Is Associated with the Malignancy of Bladder Cancer in a Chinese Han Population

Derlin-1 is overexpressed in various types of solid tumors and has an important function in cancer progression. However, its expression pattern in and association with the clinicopathological characteristics of human bladder cancer remain unclear. In the present study, 3 pairs of fresh samples of bladder cancer tissue and paracancerous tissue were first detected by liquid...