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International Association for Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care (IATSIC) Presidential Address: Improving Trauma Care Globally: How is IATSIC Doing?

IATSIC is the foremost professional society addressing trauma care globally. How is it doing in meeting the needs of most injured patients? The vast majority (65 %) of trauma deaths occur in the poorer half of the world (low-income and lower-middle-income countries), where injury rates are the highest. IATSIC has accomplished a tremendous amount and has much to be proud of...

Surgical Capacity Surveys: A Call for Papers on the Next Steps for Moving Beyond Descriptive Data

Charles Mock 0 0 C. Mock (&) Seattle , WA , USA In-depth assessment of underlying causes of deficiencies or contributing factors, such as barriers created by user fees or specific technological

The Emergence of Undergraduate Majors in Global Health: Systematic Review of Programs and Recommendations for Future Directions

Charles Mock 3 7 11 David Toole 6 11 Anne Rosenwald 5 11 Megan Jehn 4 11 Thomas Csordas 9 11 Laura Ferguson 8 11 Caryl Waggett 2 11 Chinekwu Obidoa 10 11 Judith N. Wasserheit 3 11 0 Department of

Confronting the Global Burden of Surgical Disease

Charles Mock 0 0 C. Mock (&) Department of Surgery, University of Washington , Seattle, WA 98195, USA In the 100 years since the International Society of Surgery was founded, there have been

Injuries, Death, and Disability Associated with 11 Years of Conflict in Baghdad, Iraq: A Randomized Household Cluster Survey

Background The objective of this study was to characterize injuries, deaths, and disabilities arising during 11 years of conflict in Baghdad. Methods Using satellite imagery and administrative population estimated size for Baghdad, 30 clusters were selected, proportionate to population size estimates. Interviews were conducted during April and May 2014 in 900 households...

Strengthening Prehospital Trauma Care in the Absence of Formal Emergency Medical Services

Charles Mock 0 0 C. Mock (&) Department of Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability, World Health Organization , Geneva, Switzerland The article by Jayaraman, Mbweijano, Lipnick et al

Health and Economic Benefits of Improved Injury Prevention and Trauma Care Worldwide

Objectives Injury is a significant source of morbidity and mortality worldwide, and often disproportionately affects younger, more productive members of society. While many have made the case for improved injury prevention and trauma care, health system development in low- and middle-income countries is often limited by resources. This study aims to determine the economic benefit...

Trauma research in low- and middle-income countries is urgently needed to strengthen the chain of survival

Trauma is a major - and increasing - cause of death, especially in low- and middle income countries. In all countries rural areas are especially hard hit, and the distribution of physicians is skewed towards cities. To reduce avoidable deaths from injury all links in the chain of survival after trauma needs strengthening. Prioritizing in each country should be done by local...

Increasing Access to Surgical Services in Sub-Saharan Africa: Priorities for National and International Agencies Recommended by the Bellagio Essential Surgery Group

In this Policy Forum, the Bellagio Essential Surgery Group, which was formed to advocate for increased access to surgery in Africa, recommends four priority areas for national and international agencies to target in order to address the surgical burden of disease in sub-Saharan Africa.