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Untangling the effects of size, habitat and invertebrate biodiversity on parasite prevalence in the Caribbean spiny lobster

The spiny lobster Panulirus argus is an important benthic mesopredator and a major fishing resource across the Wider Caribbean region. This species is host to the pathogenic virus PaV1 and metacercariae of Cymatocarpus solearis, a digenean trematode whose first intermediate host remains unknown. Previous studies found that the probability of infection with PaV1 was higher in...

Effects of population density and body size on disease ecology of the European lobster in a temperate marine conservation zone

Marine conservation zones (MCZs) are a form of spatial marine management, increasingly popular since the move towards ecosystem-based fisheries management. Implementation, however, is somewhat contentious and as a result of their short history, their effects are still widely unknown and understudied. Here, we investigate the population and health of the European lobster (Homarus...