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Time evolution of entanglement entropy of moving mirrors influenced by strongly coupled quantum critical fields

Abstract The evolution of the Von Neumann entanglement entropy of a n-dimensional mirror influenced by the strongly coupled d-dimensional quantum critical fields with a dynamic exponent z is studied by the holographic approach. The dual description is a n+1-dimensional probe brane moving in the d+1-dimensional asymptotic Lifshitz geometry ended at r = rb, which plays a role as...

Quantum fluctuation and dissipation in holographic theories: A unifying study scheme

Abstract Motivated by the wide range of applicability of the fluctuation and dissipation phenomena in non-equilibrium systems, we provide a universal study scheme for the dissipation of the energy and the corresponding Brownian motion analysis of massive particles due to quantum and thermal fluctuations in a wide class of strongly coupled quantum field theories. The underlying...

A holographic description of negative energy states

Using the AdS/CFT duality, we study the expectation value of stress tensor in 2 + 1-dimensional quantum critical theories with a general dynamical scaling z, and explore various constrains on negative energy density for strongly coupled field theories. The holographic dual theory is the theory of gravity in 3+1-dimensional Lifshitz backgrounds. We adopt a consistent approach to...