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Characterization of induced tissue-specific stem cells from pancreas by a synthetic self-replicative RNA

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Modified cell-permeable JNK inhibitors efficiently prevents islet apoptosis and improves the outcome of islet transplantation

Naoya Kobayashi Issei Saitoh Chika Miyagi-Shiohira Yoshiki Nakashima Nana Ebi Eri Hamada 0 & Masami Watanabe OPEN We previously reported that treatment with a JNK inhibitory peptide (11R-JNKI) prevents

RCAN-11R peptide provides immunosuppression for fully mismatched islet allografts in mice

Calcineurin inhibitors have been used for transplant therapy. However, the inhibition of calcineurin outside the immune system has a number of side effects. We previously developed a cell-permeable inhibitor of NFAT (nuclear factor of activated T cells) using the polyarginine peptide delivery system. This peptide (11R-VIVIT) selectively interferes with calcineurin-NFAT...