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Book Review- Climate Leviathan A Political Theory of our Planetary Future

e Journal of International Relations Review- y of our Clim ate Planetar y Studies 0 Development 0 Chris Goldie 0 0 The Journal of International Relations, Peace and Development Studies A publication ... : A Political Theory of our Planetary Future, London: Verso. Reviewed by Chris Goldie Formerly Senior Lecturer, now Honorary Research Fellow, Sheffield Hallam University Abstract Climate Leviathan

Book Review: Fire and Blood: The European Civil War, 1914–1945, by Enzo Traverso.

Arcadia University and the American Graduate School in Paris - W Traverso. Book Review: Fire and Book Review: Reviewed by Chris Goldie Fire and Blood aims to establish the validity of a European civil ... , New Haven: Yale University Press. Chris Goldie is Honorary Research Fellow, formerly Senior Lecturer, in the Department of Media, Arts and Communication, Sheffield Hallam University, UK. He is a