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The impact of disease severity adjustment on hospital standardised mortality ratios: Results from a service-wide analysis of ischaemic stroke admissions using linked pre-hospital, admissions and mortality data

Gattellari, John Worthington. Formal analysis: Chris Goumas. Funding acquisition: Melina Gattellari, Bin Jalaludin, John Worthington. Investigation: Melina Gattellari, Chris Goumas, Bin Jalaludin, John ... Worthington. Methodology: Melina Gattellari, Chris Goumas, Bin Jalaludin, John Worthington. Project administration: Melina Gattellari. Supervision: Melina Gattellari, John Worthington. Writing ? original

MC1R genotype as a predictor of early-onset melanoma, compared with self-reported and physician-measured traditional risk factors: an Australian case-control-family study

Background Melanocortin-1 receptor (MC1R) gene variants are very common and are associated with melanoma risk, but their contribution to melanoma risk prediction compared with traditional risk factors is unknown. We aimed to 1) evaluate the separate and incremental contribution of MC1R genotype to prediction of early-onset melanoma, and compare this with the contributions of...