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Surgical reconstruction is a cost-efficient treatment option for isolated PCL injuries

, University of Oslo , Postboks1089, 0318 Oslo , Norway 1 Ortopedisk Klinikk , Ahus, 1478 Nordbyhagen , Norway 2 Christian Owesen Purpose and hypothesis The main purpose of the study is to put focus on the

Patients With An Isolated PCL Injury Improve As Much As The ACL Patients From Surgery Measured By KOOS After 2 Years

Objectives: Background: Isolated posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injuries are severe knee injuries, often caused by a sports injury or a traffic accident and can be treated either conservatively (with a brace and exercises) or by reconstructive surgery. Results reported after reconstructive surgery contain a mixture of isolated and combined knee ligament injuries. Consequently...

Patients With Isolated PCL Injuries Improve From Surgery as Much as Patients With ACL Injuries After 2 Years

Background: Reports on outcome after posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) reconstruction often contain both isolated PCL and combined knee ligament injuries. This makes it difficult to conclude on the outcome after reconstruction of isolated PCL injuries.

Epidemiology of surgically treated posterior cruciate ligament injuries in Scandinavia

Christian Owesen Purpose The main purpose of the study was to provide an overview of injury mechanisms, concomitant injuries, and other relevant epidemiological data for patients treated in Scandinavia with