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The Mysterious Lockstep Doctrine and the Future of Judicial Federalism in Illinois

Future of Judicial Federalism in Illinois Hon. John Christopher Anderson* TABLE OF CONTENTS * Circuit Judge, Twelfth Judicial Circuit of Illinois; Juris Doctor, The John Marshall Law School; Master of

Farm Bill Payments in Iowa

information , please contact , USA 1 Christopher Anderson Iowa State University , USA 2 Iowa State University , USA Follow this and additional works at: Part of the

Farm Bill Payments in Iowa

Digital Repository. For more information , please contact , USA 2 Christopher Anderson Iowa State University , USA Follow this and additional works at: Part of the

NF-κB transcriptional activation by TNFα requires phospholipase C, extracellular signal-regulated kinase 2 and poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1

Background The nuclear enzyme poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 (PARP-1) is required for pro-inflammatory effects of TNFα. Our previous studies demonstrated that PARP-1 mediates TNFα-induced NF-κB activation in glia. Here, we evaluated the mechanisms by which TNFα activates PARP-1 and PARP-1 mediates NF-κB activation. Methods Primary cultures of mouse cortical astrocytes and...

Muscular Anatomy of the Podocoryna carnea Hydrorhiza

The muscular anatomy of the athecate hydroid Podocoryna carnea hydrorhiza is elucidated. The polyp-stolon junction is characterized by an opening, here called the chloe, in the otherwise continuous hydrorhizal perisarc. The chloe is elliptical when the polyp first arises, but takes on a more complex outline as multiple stolons anastomose to communicate with that polyp...

Correction: A Method for Multiplex Gene Synthesis Employing Error Correction Based on Expression

Timothy H.-C. Hsiau David Sukovich Phillip Elms Robin N. Prince Tobias Strittmatter Paul Ruan Bo Curry Paige Anderson Jeff Sampson J Christopher Anderson

A Method for Multiplex Gene Synthesis Employing Error Correction Based on Expression

Our ability to engineer organisms with new biosynthetic pathways and genetic circuits is limited by the availability of protein characterization data and the cost of synthetic DNA. With new tools for reading and writing DNA, there are opportunities for scalable assays that more efficiently and cost effectively mine for biochemical protein characteristics. To that end, we have...

Post-operative Weight Gain After Total Knee Arthroplasty: Prevalence and Its Possible Attenuation Using Intraoperative Sensors

. Roche ß Leah Elson ∂ Christopher Anderson MSc∂ 0 Bone & Joint Institute Port Huron, MI ¥ Florida Orthopaedic Institute Tampa, FL ß Holy Cross Hospital, Department of Orthopedic Surgery Fort Lauderdale, FL

Landscape-Scale Controls on Aboveground Forest Carbon Stocks on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Tropical forests store large amounts of carbon in tree biomass, although the environmental controls on forest carbon stocks remain poorly resolved. Emerging airborne remote sensing techniques offer a powerful approach to understand how aboveground carbon density (ACD) varies across tropical landscapes. In this study, we evaluate the accuracy of the Carnegie Airborne Observatory...

A Tale of Two “Forests”: Random Forest Machine Learning Aids Tropical Forest Carbon Mapping

Accurate and spatially-explicit maps of tropical forest carbon stocks are needed to implement carbon offset mechanisms such as REDD+ (Reduced Deforestation and Degradation Plus). The Random Forest machine learning algorithm may aid carbon mapping applications using remotely-sensed data. However, Random Forest has never been compared to traditional and potentially more reliable...

Forest Canopy Gap Distributions in the Southern Peruvian Amazon

Canopy gaps express the time-integrated effects of tree failure and mortality as well as regrowth and succession in tropical forests. Quantifying the size and spatial distribution of canopy gaps is requisite to modeling forest functional processes ranging from carbon fluxes to species interactions and biological diversity. Using high-resolution airborne Light Detection and...

Allorecognition Triggers Autophagy and Subsequent Necrosis in the Cnidarian Hydractinia symbiolongicarpus

Transitory fusion is an allorecognition phenotype displayed by the colonial hydroid Hydractinia symbiolongicarpus when interacting colonies share some, but not all, loci within the allorecognition gene complex (ARC). The phenotype is characterized by an initial fusion followed by subsequent cell death resulting in separation of the two incompatible colonies. We here characterize...

Is Information Good for Deliberation? Link-Posting in an Online Forum

Does information improve deliberation? Proponents of online deliberation argue that the availability of the Internet can solve two longstanding problems of citizen decisionmaking: that preexisting inequalities tend to be reproduced rather than minimized in deliberative forums and that citizen decisionmaking sacrifices the benefits of expertise. Because all deliberators online can...

Pharmacogenomics: novel loci identification via integrating gene differential analysis and eQTL analysis

Nearly one-half of asthmatic patients do not respond to the most commonly prescribed controller therapy, inhaled corticosteroids (ICS). We conducted an expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL) analysis using >300 expression microarrays (from 117 lymphoblastoid cell lines) in corticosteroid (dexamethasone) treated and untreated cells derived from asthmatic subjects in the...

Multiplex Identification of Gram-Positive Bacteria and Resistance Determinants Directly from Positive Blood Culture Broths: Evaluation of an Automated Microarray-Based Nucleic Acid Test

Nathan Ledeboer and colleagues assess the performance of a diagnostic platform for detecting Gram-positive bacteria in blood cultures, an important step in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with sepsis. Please see later in the article for the Editors' Summary

Analysis of Mercury-Rich plants and mine tailings using the Hydride-Generation AAS method

A hydride-generation atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) method was developed for the analysis of total Hg in liquid matrices of mercury-rich plants and mine tailings samples. The detection limit for this method was as low as 11.4 ng/mL. The reproducibility of the mercury signals (in terms of relative standard deviation) was 4.6%. Accuracy of the method was verified by analyses...

Eugene – A Domain Specific Language for Specifying and Constraining Synthetic Biological Parts, Devices, and Systems

Background Synthetic biological systems are currently created by an ad-hoc, iterative process of specification, design, and assembly. These systems would greatly benefit from a more formalized and rigorous specification of the desired system components as well as constraints on their composition. Therefore, the creation of robust and efficient design flows and tools is imperative...

Algorithms for automated DNA assembly

Generating a defined set of genetic constructs within a large combinatorial space provides a powerful method for engineering novel biological functions. However, the process of assembling more than a few specific DNA sequences can be costly, time consuming and error prone. Even if a correct theoretical construction scheme is developed manually, it is likely to be suboptimal by...