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KSRP Ablation Enhances Brown Fat Gene Program in White Adipose Tissue Through Reduced miR-150 Expression

Brown adipose tissue oxidizes chemical energy for heat generation and energy expenditure. Promoting brown-like transformation in white adipose tissue (WAT) is a promising strategy for combating obesity. Here, we find that targeted deletion of KH-type splicing regulatory protein (KSRP), an RNA-binding protein that regulates gene expression at multiple levels, causes a reduction in...

DEAD Box Protein DDX1 Regulates Cytoplasmic Localization of KSRP

mRNA decay mediated by the AU-rich elements (AREs) is one of the most studied post-transcriptional mechanisms and is modulated by ARE-binding proteins (ARE-BPs). To understand the regulation of K homology splicing regulatory protein (KSRP), a decay-promoting ARE-BP, we purified KSRP protein complexes and identified an RNA helicase, DDX1. We showed that down-regulation of DDX1...