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Bounds on LFV Higgs decays in a vector-like lepton model and searching for doubly charged leptons at the LHC

The Higgs-portal lepton flavor violation is studied in a vector-like lepton model. To avoid the constraints from rare \(Z\rightarrow \ell ^\pm _i \ell ^\mp _j\) decays, we introduce two triplet vector-like leptons, \((1,3)_{-1}\) and \((1,3)_{0}\). The resultant branching ratio for \(h\rightarrow \mu \tau \) can be up to \(10^{-4}\) when the constraints from the invisible Z...

Charged-Higgs on \(R_{D^{(*)}}\) , \(\tau \) polarization, and FBA

Eur. Phys. J. C Charged-Higgs on R D(∗) , τ polarization, and FBA Chuan-Hung Chen 1 Takaaki Nomura 0 0 School of Physics , KIAS, Seoul 130-722 , Korea 1 Department of Physics, National Cheng-Kung

Identification of cucurbitacins and assembly of a draft genome for Aquilaria agallocha

Background Agarwood is derived from Aquilaria trees, the trade of which has come under strict control with a listing in Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Many secondary metabolites of agarwood are known to have medicinal value to humans, including compounds that have been shown to elicit sedative effects and...

Implications of b →sγ in the Weinberg Three-Higgs-Doublet Models

Darwin CHANG 0 Chuan-Hung CHEN 0 Chao-Qiang GENG 0 0 Department of Physics, National Tsing Hua University , Hsinchu, Taiwan 30043 Using recent experimental measurements on Br(b..... sr) from CLEO

Inert dark matter in type-II seesaw

Chuan-Hung Chen 0 Takaaki Nomura 0 0 Department of Physics, National Cheng-Kung University , 1 Da-Syue-ro, Tainan 701, Taiwan Weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP) as a dark matter (DM

Re(ϵ K ′ /ϵK) and \( K\to \pi \nu \overline{\nu} \) in a two-Higgs doublet model

Abstract The Kaon direct CP violation Re(ϵ K ′ /ϵK) below the experimental data of a 2σ in the standard model, which is calculated using the RBC-UKQCD lattice and a large Nc dual QCD, indicates the necessity of a new physics effect. In order to resolve the insufficient Re(ϵ K ′ /ϵK), we study the charged-Higgs contributions in a generic two-Higgs-doublet model. If we assume that...

Spontaneous CP Violation from High-Dimensional Operators

Darwin Chang 0 Chuan-Hung Chen 0 Chao-Qiang Geng 0 0 Department of Physics, National Tsing Hua University Hsinchu , Taiwan 30043 , R.O.C We investigate spontaneous CP violation that arises from high

The effect of red light and far-red light conditions on secondary metabolism in Agarwood

Background Agarwood, a heartwood derived from Aquilaria trees, is a valuable commodity that has seen prevalent use among many cultures. In particular, it is widely used in herbal medicine and many compounds in agarwood are known to exhibit medicinal properties. Although there exists much research into medicinal herbs and extraction of high value compounds, few have focused on...

Two-Higgs-doublet type-II and -III models and \(t\rightarrow c h\) at the LHC

We study the constraints of the generic two-Higgs-doublet model (2HDM) type-III and the impacts of the new Yukawa couplings. For comparisons, we revisit the analysis in the 2HDM type-II. To understand the influence of all involving free parameters and to realize their correlations, we employ a \(\chi \)-square fitting approach by including theoretical and experimental constraints...

ϵK and ϵ′/ϵ in a diquark model

Abstract Based on the calculations using the lattice QCD by the RBC-UKQCD collaboration and a large Nc dual QCD, the resulting ϵ′/ϵ, which is less than the experimental data by more than a 2σ in the standard model (SM), suggests the necessity of a new physics effect. In order to complement the insufficient ϵ′/ϵ, we study the extension of the SM with a colored scalar in a diquark...