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Genome-wide identification and classification of MYB superfamily genes in peach

Agriculture Research System (No. CARS-30) for providing financial support. Data curation: Chunhua Zhang, Juan Song, Ruchao Feng. Formal analysis: Chunhua Zhang, Juan Song, Ruchao Feng. Funding acquisition ... : Mingliang Yu. Investigation: Ruchao Feng. Methodology: Chunhua Zhang, Juan Yan. Project administration: Mingliang Yu. Resources: Jianlan Xu. Software: Chunhua Zhang, Lei Guo. Supervision: Ruijuan Ma

Genome-wide analysis of basic helix-loop-helix superfamily members in peach

) and the earmarked fund of the China Agriculture Research System (No. CARS-30) for providing financial support. Author Contributions Data curation: Chunhua Zhang, Zhixiang Cai. Formal analysis: Chunhua ... Zhang, Zhizhong Song. Funding acquisition: Chunhua Zhang, Mingliang Yu. Methodology: Ruchao Feng, Bin Peng. Project administration: Mingliang Yu. Resources: Zhijun Shen, Zhixiang Cai. Software: Chunhua

Determination of fruit maturity and its prediction model based on the pericarp index of absorbance difference (IAD) for peaches

Harvest maturity is closely related to peach fruit quality and has a very important effect on the fresh fruit market. Unfortunately, at present, it is difficult to determine the maturity level of peach fruits by artificial methods. The objectives of this study were to develop quadratic polynomial regression models using near-infrared spectroscopy that could determine the peel...

Identification of Known and Novel microRNAs and Their Targets in Peach (Prunus persica) Fruit by High-Throughput Sequencing

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a group of non-coding RNAs that have functions in post-transcriptional gene regulation in plants. Although the most important economic component of peach trees (Prunus persica) is the fruit, not much is known about miRNAs in this organ. In this study, miRNAs and their targets were identified and characterized from libraries of small RNAs of peach fruit...

Applications of Low Altitude Remote Sensing in Agriculture upon Farmers' Requests– A Case Study in Northeastern Ontario, Canada

With the growth of the low altitude remote sensing (LARS) industry in recent years, their practical application in precision agriculture seems all the more possible. However, only a few scientists have reported using LARS to monitor crop conditions. Moreover, there have been concerns regarding the feasibility of such systems for producers given the issues related to the post...

Aberrant expression of Notch1/numb/snail signaling, an epithelial mesenchymal transition related pathway, in adenomyosis

Background Epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT) is involved in the pathogenesis of adenomyosis, and Notch signaling is crucial to EMT. The objective of this study was to explore Notch1/Numb/Snail signaling in adenomyosis. Methods The expression levels of the members of the Notch1/Numb/Snail signaling cascade in normal endometria (proliferative phase: n = 15; secretory phase: n...

A comprehensive estimate of recent carbon sinks in China using both top-down and bottom-up approaches

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Reduction of graphene oxide by an in-situ photoelectrochemical method in a dye-sensitized solar cell assembly

Reduction of graphene oxide [GO] has been achieved by an in-situ photoelectrochemical method in a dye-sensitized solar cell [DSSC] assembly, in which the semiconductor behavior of the reduced graphene oxide [RGO] is controllable. GO and RGO were characterized by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, high-resolution transmission electron microscope, and Fourier...

Removing N-Terminal Sequences in Pre-S1 Domain Enhanced Antibody and B-Cell Responses by an HBV Large Surface Antigen DNA Vaccine

Although the use of recombinant hepatitis B virus surface (HBsAg) protein vaccine has successfully reduced global hepatitis B infection, there are still a number of vaccine recipients who do not develop detectable antibody responses. Various novel vaccination approaches, including DNA vaccines, have been used to further improve the coverage of vaccine protection. Our previous...

The development and geometry of shape change in Arabidopsis thaliana cotyledon pavement cells

Background The leaf epidermis is an important architectural control element that influences the growth properties of underlying tissues and the overall form of the organ. In dicots, interdigitated pavement cells are the building blocks of the tissue, and their morphogenesis includes the assembly of specialized cell walls that surround the apical, basal, and lateral (anticlinal...

Adrenergic β2-Receptors Mediates Visceral Hypersensitivity Induced by Heterotypic Intermittent Stress in Rats

Chronic visceral pain in patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has been difficult to treat effectively partially because its pathophysiology is not fully understood. Recent studies show that norepinephrine (NE) plays an important role in the development of visceral hypersensitivity. In this study, we designed to investigate the role of adrenergic signaling in visceral...

Variant G6PD levels promote tumor cell proliferation or apoptosis via the STAT3/5 pathway in the human melanoma xenograft mouse model

Background Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD), elevated in tumor cells, catalyzes the first reaction in the pentose-phosphate pathway. The regulation mechanism of G6PD and pathological change in human melanoma growth remains unknown. Methods HEM (human epidermal melanocyte) cells and human melanoma cells with the wild-type G6PD gene (A375-WT), G6PD deficiency (A375-G6PD...

Polyvalent DNA Vaccines Expressing HA Antigens of H5N1 Influenza Viruses with an Optimized Leader Sequence Elicit Cross-Protective Antibody Responses

Hackett Na Jia Chunhua Zhang Lu Zhang Chris Parker An Zhou Jun Li Wu-Chun Cao Zuhu Huang Yan Li Shan Lu Stephen Mark Tompkins, University of Georgia, United States of America Highly pathogenic avian