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Nephrolithiasis in the Obese Patient

. However, randomised trials are needed to clarify the most appropriate surgical management for these patients. Notes Compliance with Ethical Standards Conflict of Interest Claire Kelly declares no

Drivers of increased soil erosion in East Africa’s agro-pastoral systems: changing interactions between the social, economic and natural domains

Increased soil erosion is one of the main drivers of land degradation in East Africa’s agricultural and pastoral landscapes. This wicked problem is rooted in historic disruptions to co-adapted agro-pastoral systems. Introduction of agricultural growth policies by centralised governance resulted in temporal and spatial scale mismatches with the complex and dynamic East African...

Structural basis of death domain signaling in the p75 neurotrophin receptor

Death domains (DDs) mediate assembly of oligomeric complexes for activation of downstream signaling pathways through incompletely understood mechanisms. Here we report structures of complexes formed by the DD of p75 neurotrophin receptor (p75NTR) with RhoGDI, for activation of the RhoA pathway, with caspase recruitment domain (CARD) of RIP2 kinase, for activation of the NF-kB...

Evaluation of the acceptability and usefulness of an information website for caregivers of people with bipolar disorder

Background Bipolar disorder is associated with extreme mood symptoms, disability and suicide risk. Close family or friends often have a primary role in supporting an adult with bipolar disorder. However, not all support is helpful and there is little publicly accessible evidence-based information to guide caregivers. Caregiver burden increases the risk of caregiver depression and...

A Qualitative Study of Workplace Stress and Coping in Secondary Teachers in Ireland

Teacher stress has received scant attention in Ireland. This study examines teachers’ perceptions of their daily stresses and how they attempt to cope with such situations. Interviews were conducted with fifteen secondary teachers from a variety of school types in eastern Ireland. The teachers showed great concern for their students, with some being prepared to ignore school...

Introduction to the Symposium

INTRODUCTION Neil B. Cohen∗ Claire Kelly** Lawrence M. Solan*** Wcollaboration between two of Brooklyn Law School’s e are pleased to introduce this symposium, the fruit of Centers: the Center for the Study

REST selectively represses a subset of RE1-containing neuronal genes in mouse embryonic stem cells

Helle F. Jrgensen Anna Terry Chiara Beretta C. Filipe Pereira Marion Leleu Zhou-Feng Chen Claire Kelly Matthias Merkenschlager Amanda G. Fisher ) REST is a transcriptional repressor that targets a