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Quantidade de água transpirada pelo cafeeiro cultivado ao sol

In determinations made with a porometer it was verified that the stomatal opening of coffee leaves increases in size immediately after the leaves are detached from the plant (fig. 1). This fact indicates that the method of rapid weighings of detached leaves is not suitable for studies on the transpiration of the coffee plant. The transpiration of coffee plants has been determined...

Chuvas e umidade relativa do ar em Campinas de 1890 a 1945

In order to investigate if the Citrus disease Tristeza could be caused by a change in the rainfall, its distribution or in air humidity a study of these factors was made based on data obtained from 1890 to 1945 at Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil. A large variation in the data was found but no tendency could be noticed as to increase or decrease of any of factors analysed. This does...

Quantidade de água transpirada pelo cafeeiro sombreado e pelo ingazeiro

The present paper discusses the amount of water lost by the soil through the transpiration of coffee plants and shade trees in shaded coffee plantation. All methods and techniques employed in the study of transpiration of the shade tree Inga edulis Mart, were exactly the same as those described in a paper recently published (4). It was determined previously (3) that a shaded...