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Treatment of Visceral Transplant Pseudoaneurysms Using Physician-Modified Fenestrated Stent Grafts: Initial Experience

Pseudoaneurysms after visceral transplantation represent a significant risk to patients. We report the successful treatment of three transplant (pancreas, liver and kidney) artery anastomotic pseudoaneurysms using physician-modified fenestrated endovascular stent grafts. In all cases, surgical repair was considered high risk and would have compromised the arterial supply to the...

Enhancing the Validity of a Quality of Life Measure for Autistic People

Accurate measurement of quality of life (QoL) is important for evaluation of autism services and trials of interventions. We undertook psychometric validation of the World Health Organisation measure—WHOQoL-BREF, examined construct validity of the WHO Disabilities module and developed nine additional autism-specific items (ASQoL) from extensive consultation with the autism...

An experimental investigation of geochromatography during secondary migration of petroleum performed under subsurface conditions with a real rock

An understanding of the size of petroleum secondary migration systems is vital for successful exploration for petroleum reserves. Geochemists have suggested that compositional fractionation of petroleum accompanying the migration process (geochromatography) can potentially be used to infer distances petroleum may have travelled and the ratio of oil in the reservoir to that lost...